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Thread: Is it permanant?

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    Is it permanant?

    Ok, when the winner of America's Next Top Model gets all the prizes like the Revlon contract, is this tempory 'n she's gonna get back to her normal life after that or is she be a permanant model?

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    I assume it would be permanent. I can't see them investing this much time and money into someone who was just going to walk way. I imagine some type of contract is involved, just the 19 and the AI contestants.

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    HAHAHA, a contract guarantees what is in the contract, which probably means, you get a few token shoots, and a commercial, in exchange for Revlon being a primary sponsor or the show.

    Revlon is probably concerned with this girl actually working of them, but the agreement was probably the standard Revlon gives money to produce the show, and has 1st crack at the girl.

    Some contracts are really small too, maybe just one shoot, and an appearance.

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    Well, if it isn't permanant, then...that doesn't seem that big of a prize. I have heard that Adrianne is the next top model. If that's true, then I hope she stays in the modeling industry for a loooooooooog time.

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by Delia
    Well, if it isn't permanant, then...that doesn't seem that big of a prize.
    The real prize is exposure. It's up to the winner to show she can legitimately make it. Wilhelmina will probably place the winner in their "W Women" division. It's prestigious but not as much as their smaller "Women" division which is for their real heavy-hitters.

    Remember too that even a "loooooooooog time" is comparatively short in modeling.

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    Hey, DD. What's the main difference btw W Women and Women at Wilhelmina? like what are the qualifications etc?? I am just interested in.. thanks

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    Deep Dish
    nyc_star, from the Wilhelmina website

    Wilhelmina Women is the high-end fashion board of Wilhelmina Models, exclusively representing models for fashion editorial work and campaigns. The division strictly books editorial work with the goal of obtaining top-tier fashion advertising campaigns and contracts. Wilhelmina Women represents stars such as Esther Canadas (DKNY), Johanna Martensson, and Viera Schottertova.

    W Women represents established models, ages 18-29, who work in a variety of different areas ranging from editorial, catalog, advertising and runway. This board deals with a diverse group of clients including Revlon, Covergirl, Banana Republic, J. Lo and Guess to name a few. Due to its broad composition W Women is the largest of the women's booking boards.

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    Huh? What is W Women? Not a big modeling know-it-all. Can somebody please explain to me what y'all talking about?

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    Thanks, DD!!

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    Oh, am I dimwitted!

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