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Thread: ***spoiler I know the winner ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by shersidhe
    because elyse easily had the best personality on the show and would make for a great interview.
    Not necssasrily. It's just that her personality shines through. Well, Adrianne's does to. And so does Shannon's. But Elyse has the clearest voice out of all of them. Shannon's voice can be scratchy if some of you haven't noticed 'n Adrianne doesn't speak as clearly.

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    Kwel. You were right, howard.

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    i love adriennes personality, she's smart, but she doesn't condescend and she seems to try to be nice and have a good time in any situation with anyone and everyone, well, except robin, but robin i dont' think i would get along with

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    I must say too, to those that have been emailing me and thought Giselle told me who won, I am a familiar sight on the Paramount backlot, and have been for nearly ten years. For those folks from the network, all I can say is "Lubitch" if you are from Paramount Pictures you know what this means. (preps towel for a swim in the blue sky and a basketball for Ubu Arena) It is easy to find out when you are walking through an office at lunch to meet friends and you see the print collateral on desks.

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    You guys...

    I don't think Adrianne told the other contestants; you just don't want to see whoever DID say something get into trouble.

    Adriane boyfriend dumped her because she wouldn't tell HIM who won. Hmmm...

    What a dick!

    Anyway, I think the big "surprise" was that Elyse was eliminated before Shannon.


    Keep up with what Adrianne is doing now!

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