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Thread: Lesbianism... Implied or otherwise

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    . I LOVE women!!!!!

    You gotta remember, this is UPN on a Tuesday night at 9PM...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetGirl
    I posted this question not to imply that the girls were doing the manipulation... I just thought that the producers were taking advantage of the footage they had and are showing those scenes which would titilate those who enjoy girl on girl action. (when in fact it's just friendly affection, which is what i think it is)
    I agree. In the trailers for the episode, they cut from Tyra's "I saw somthing that shocked me" line directly to a shot of Elyse pulling off her top while under the covers in the suite with Adrianne. The implication was that the "shocking" thing had something to do with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    I think they said it once on the previews. Something like "next week, it's the Christians versus the Pagans after Kesse is gone.." It's not like it was the theme of the show. Adrianne said that she believes in God. Kesse got along with everyone regardless of their background. Shannon went about her business, quietly reading the Bible in the morning but not talking about it.

    There is one person who made it an issue and used her religion to end an argument at the top of her lungs. It worked, didn't it? Elyse backed off right away and ran away crying - hardly a challenge to anyone's religion. I think the real theme was the cranky person versus all the younger ones tip-toeing around her.

    Sorry to have Christian vs. Pagan mentioned one more time!!

    I will agree that Shannon is probably going to breathe because Robin is gone....Plus she is older she Shannon so she(shannon) probably looked up to her, but I can tell Robin was getting on her nerves...Which is what will happen when you with someone 24/7 for weeks.Robin is a strong black woman who is driven which is good when used right..Robin could definately back off with that aspect of her personality...No doubt about that..Every one has a Character defect, it is all about improving every day..She did not make her belief in God an issue with regards to the grave issue...Elyse wanted to control where they wanted to go, Robin did not want to go to it...Elyse could have compromised, no she just had to go...Robin has every right not to go..The fact that Elyse wanted everyone to go someplace together when they could gone to different places, was the real issue..Even she admitted that...

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