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Thread: The Finale coming Next Week!!!

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    The Finale coming Next Week!!!

    Just checked my TV Listings, and it lists two one-hour new shows. The first is titled ¡°How the Girls Got Here¡±, and the synopsis quoted - ¡°Clips from the series include audition tapes, exit interviews, quarrels and confessions.¡± And the second hour is titled ¡°The Girl Becomes America's Next Top Model¡± and the synopsis says ¡°The winner receives a modeling and management contract.¡±

    So the winner will be announced next week and my bet goes to Elyse, she¡¯s the only one with the total package. Adrianne is a very close second to me, and I believe she will have a successful modeling career nonetheless, but probably no TV commercials, at least at the beginning. Her attitude and Tom-boyish charm is really appealing, and I love her jokes, but she mumbles too much to be clear.

    Shannon, with her reluctance toward being even just ¡°appeared nude¡±, basically spells out her doom. That¡¯s sad, she¡¯s the only Bible geeks I like. Even though I don¡¯t like her all that much to begin with.

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    See link for more details about 1st hour next week before finale:
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    It's a 2-hour countdown to the crowning of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.

    At 8 pm ET/PT, see some of your favorite moments from past AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL episodes, along with revealing, never-before-seen footage. It's an hour you won't want to miss!

    Then, at 9 pm ET/PT, the heart-pounding finale begins.
    A wrenching and early elimination brings the cut down from 3 girls to 2.

    The final 2 girls face their most daunting challenge: walking the runway in one of New York's top fashion shows. One wrong move in front of the massive audience of celebrities and fashion-world royalty will mean the difference between glory and shame.

    Everything is on the line as the final 2 girls face the judges. One girl will go the distance and realize her dreams as she is crowned AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.

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    WooHoo! We can relive our favorite moments and see never seen footage. I am sad that this show is coming to an end

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    me too, ican't hardly believe it.. it's soo soon... well, it's been only eight weeks.. but good show though!!
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