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America's Next Top Model
(9 pm/ET, UPN)

If you put 10 gorgeous women in a room, there's bound to be some cattiness. If you tell them only one can win a modeling contract, the claws really come out.

America's Next Top Model is a catfight just waiting to happen. After all, that's half the reason for tuning in. Sure, there's the inside look into the world of modeling and the potential to see scantily clad females, but loyal viewers of UPN's beauty contest know that this reality show like most others is all about the tension between contestants.

When the show began six weeks ago, 10 girls were vying for a Revlon modeling contract and other illustrious prizes. Tonight, only four remain. There's Elyse, a gaunt nerd who sports a pixie cut and an attitude; Adrianne, who mumbles her way through each episode, yet photographs remarkably; Robin, a "plus-size" diva who preaches the Bible; and Shannon, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed virgin who resists the temptations of all things unchristian.

Watching over the future supermodels is none other than Tyra Banks, who created and executive produces ANTM. Banks giveth and she taketh away: She sends the girls out on their modeling assignments while sharing her own experiences; she also sits on the panel of judges that eliminates one contestant each week.

That's where another whole set of claws come out. Banks and her fellow judges over-the-hill but hilarious model Janice Dickinson, Marie Claire fashion editor Beau Quillian, Baby Phat CEO Kimora Lee Simmons and a rotating guest duke it out over who should get their catwalking papers.

Although each episode is billed as dramatic and emotional, ANTM is the funniest show on television. Who can forget Elyse's tirade against the other girls and their "vapid" conversation? Or the haircut that made Robin look like "an albino prostitute"? You won't see anyone on Survivor arguing over moisturizing regimens or accusing their competition of having an eating disorder. And of course, there's the ongoing saga over religious beliefs.

Which brings us to tonight's episode. Still in Paris, the girls are sent on a nude photo shoot. As expected, Elyse and Adrianne bare all without bellyaching. Uncomfortable with nudity though, Robin and Shannon must decide whether they'll compromise their faith to stay in the competition. The models also glam up for society dates and Banks witnesses something that "shock[s] the hell" out of her.

Could it be that Adrianne finally speaks an intelligible sentence? You'll have to tune in to find out! Lauren Kane