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Thread: "Contest Loser Says TV Show is No Model of Reality" (article)

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    Deep Dish

    "Contest Loser Says TV Show is No Model of Reality" (article)

    Naples Daily News
    "Contest Loser Says TV Show is No Model of Reality"
    By Dave Mason
    Friday, June 27, 2003

    The women on "America's Next Top Model" didn't fight as much as the UPN reality series implies, according to one contestant recently eliminated.

    "It's not the way they portray it on TV," said Giselle Samson, 18, of Corona, Calif. The judges in the series, in which 10 women have competed for a modeling contract with Revlon, eliminated Samson in the June 17 episode. She was the fifth woman to leave the series.

    The episodes were taped last winter in New York City. New episodes air at 9 p.m. Tuesdays, with reruns preceding them at 8 p.m.

    The judges were impressed with Samson's performance during a photo shoot that required the models to keep moving while the photographer worked.

    But the judges said Samson's apparent need for positive reinforcement to boost her self-esteem would keep her from being America's next top model.

    "I thought you were actually the best in terms of movement," executive producer and supermodel Tyra Banks told Samson in the episode. "But I heard you when you walked off the set. And you were fishing for a compliment."

    Samson answered back, "All women fish for compliments."

    During the phone interview, Samson said she felt the judges had penalized her for following instructions. She said the episode didn't show the entire story.

    "Tyra told me I was too confident, that I didn't want people to see me as a cocky person," Samson said.

    But Samson said that after she worked to make certain she didn't appear overconfident, the judges eliminated her for self-esteem reasons.

    Still, Samson said she had fun living in New York City for the series.

    "I don't feel I learned anything from the judges, but I learned from Tyra," said Samson, who works as an entertainer at Disneyland. (She said that under the theme park rules, she couldn't elaborate further about her job there. "It's all supposed to be real.") "I think I did well; I'm very proud," she said about "America's Next Top Model."

    "I was taught how to be sexy without being sexy. You don't have to look sexy and sensual to come across as sexy and sensual," Samson said. "It's all in the face. It's not about being pretty girls. It's about the emotions behind the eyes."

    Like virtually all reality shows, "America's Next Top Model" has focused on the personality conflicts among the participants.

    The TV series is emphasizing the cattiness instead of the nice moments, Samson said.

    She said she hopes to use her exposure on "America's Next Top Model" to get contracts for modeling work in print ads and TV commercials.

    The contestants on "America's Next Top Model" are learning about the rigors of the industry, including a photo shoot in bikinis in the freezing cold on top of a New York skyscraper.

    Samson said she enjoyed that experience but noted she got through it in five minutes. "It was such an adrenaline rush. I was nervous, but I had a great time."

    Of modeling in general, she said, "The only glamour is when you're done up in your hair and makeup."

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    Deep Dish
    Of course we know it was Janice who said, "All women fish for compliments," not Giselle.

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    Wow, someone who didn't win on a reality show says it's been edited? Never heard THAT one before...

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    John, I think her point was to say that the girls got along better than TV let on, some people are actually interested in the "real" interpersonal relationships. Not the edit that makes for good TV.

    Look for instance at Ebony's post show interviews on how she got along with the other girls.

    the show seems to look like a popularity contest

    Sad thing is America is going to think that the girls' personalities had something to do with their victory, truth is Ebony and Adrianne could be doing Vogue quite easily, Elle for Elyse. The rest fall through the cracks.

    A&E Networks had much better documentaries on the life of a model, this show is to modeling as Velveeta is to cheese, processed to look real, but who are you fooling?

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    I don't have any complaints about the editing on the show. I have found it to be very compelling compared to numerous similar shows like Making the Band, American Idol, Pop Star, etc. I find the "lessons" they do and challenges interesting, but I don't really watch to learn about the modeling industry. The cattiness has provided some of the funniest moments of the show.

    Scenes of everyone getting along and sharing a warm moment as they put on their makeup just don't make good tv.

    Testshoot- it seems to me that Giselle is getting more vocal with complaints about the show the more interviews she does. She started off pretty mild and said people behind the scenes were shocked she was let go to claiming the judges are hypocrites.

    Do you have any insight to share on Giselle?
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by testshootcom
    ...truth is Ebony and Adrianne could be doing Vogue quite easily, Elle for Elyse.
    Anna Wintour will get a perm and go blonde before she gives Ebony or Adrianne real estate in Vogue. If I see Elyse in Elle I'm canceling my subscription.

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    Originally posted by hepcat
    it seems to me that Giselle is getting more vocal with complaints about the show the more interviews she does.
    Do you have any insight to share on Giselle?
    The majority of her post show interviews occured in a short time frame after the epi aired.

    If it were me the first 4-5 interviews would be cheerey By the 10th time I hear "How did that make you feel?" I would probably go medieval on someone. So when #20 rolled around, some obscure local newspaper reporter is sitting here asking you, you probably would say anything to get the press off your butt.

    DD yes I guess you are right, maybe at earlier points in their career, actually maybe not say the US editions either, really, any girls that would appear on TV to further her career, has a stigma as well. To camp, pop-ish, fame mongering for anybody's taste. Then again it seems like you know how tight the fashion community is, in general, we do not embrace the mainstream, we facilitate it.

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    Plus Giselle is resolutely 18 years old! ;-)

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    that too!

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    Bitter....table for one!

    I was really hoping that Giselle's post-boot press would reflect the beautiful person that I am sure she is in real life. I just hope that she has risen above all of her negativity towards the judges, editors and producers to realize that she was sixth out of thousands of girls - not too shabby if you ask me!
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