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Thread: Shannon

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    Originally posted by testshootcom
    Umm no, that was not a comment about bulimia, :rolleyes: it was, well about her ability to swallow viscous fluids, and to make reference to a previous post "working the stick shift of a Porsche" :rolleyes:

    Ok to be more obvious, knee pads are involved.

    I know loads of god fearing Christian women with oral fixations, she seems like the type, to you know, use the toothbrush of love.
    Oh my. :O Wow, this is becoming too much, even for me.

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    ~~Go Shannon~~

    Just had to put a little root in here for shannon on Americas Top New Model
    I really want her to win....
    I was pretty impressed that she stuck her gun and didn't pose nude
    howevre I don't think she will win...its sad but true

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    Well, you never know. But I can't quite see it either.

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    somehow, I think she is going to win.....I think Robin in her article gave us a hint, and I think Shannon is going to win...I think she is adaptible, yet has class and diginity...I hate to say this cause you know I am huge a Robin fan but with her gone she will be able to let her hair down so to speak...I think that Shannon hung with Robin cause she was a Christian..I mean she geniuely like her, but also she was being nice to her..I think she caught in the middle between "the Pagans" and Robin...I don't think she wanted to take a side, but felt obligated to Rob..I think she will adapt to the situation and I think she is going to surprise...
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    Yeah I really hope she gets it
    I liked Kessie too but shes gone

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    Deep Dish
    It will take a miracle. Luckily, she's in NYC and if anything can turn a virgin into a minx Austin Powers' mojo would explode for, it's The Big Apple.

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    I don't think it will be Shannon. IluvRobin, you mentioned that Robin said she was "shocked" by the winner. I think it's fair to say that Robin's head was so far in the clouds (I chose a nice airy metaphor instead of what I wanted to write) that anyone chosen other than herself would shock her.

    What we saw of Robin on TV looked like a classic narcissistic personality.

    As for Shannon - maybe the Crest people need a new spokesmodel.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    well, i too agree that it's almost unbelievable that shannon weighs 135...but she is extremely thin, so her body composition is mostly muscle, which is denser than fat. since the muscle in the ectomorph (model) body type is very long and lean, it's not noticeable. that's most likely where the pounds are hiding...but maybe she had also just drunk a lot of water before she was weighed...

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    I think that if shannon don't win some other company will pick her up
    Maybe american eagle...I can really see her modeling their clothes-in the all american way
    and I agree hepcat : what a beautiful smile; Im jealous!

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by hepcat
    As for Shannon - maybe the Crest people need a new spokesmodel.
    Does Crest come in 128 oz. tubs?

    Originally posted by Siobhan
    Maybe american eagle...I can really see her modeling their clothes-in the all american way...
    Here's the latest American Eagle campaign.

    You'll notice none of these girls have Shannon's apple pie look either.
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