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Thread: Did ANTM slip?

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    Did ANTM slip?

    hey all. this is my first post.
    i'm a fort virgin. just call me shannon

    maybe i'm reading more into this because elyse is my favorite, but there seem to be many signs pointing to her as the next eliminated.

    1. the article where her brother says shes waiting to hear from medical schools

    2. her being a guest on jimmy kimmel on 7/7 when the finale isn't until 7/8 - it seems unlikely that she would be allowed to go on unless she was already eliminated. it also seems fitting for the last one eliminated to give her two cents before the top model is chosen from the final three. reality show guests usually don't do spots until they're out of the competition

    3. the preview i saw had elyse crying and saying "this sucks" next to adrianne - it seems doubtful that she would cry over anything short of her own elimination
    (i didn't see the whole tyra being shocked thing)

    i don't know! what do yall think?

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    You maybe right. But a few points.

    1. She had a Us weekly interview this week. ( Before next weeks episode) So maybe they can have interviews as long as they do not let anything leak?

    2. When she is seen crying next to Adriane she was sitting down. Normally the contestant gets a few hugs and then leaves?

    3. As for the medical school applications she may be keeping all avenue's open? Or maybe she makes it to the final 3 or even 2 before being eliminated?

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    I think that Tyra and the producers have become real smart with their previews of next week's show. They have seen an incredible response in ratings (for UPN, anyway) and on boards like FORT. They want to create doubt and speculation.

    However, if Elyse gets booted before Robyn, you will see me and many others crying!

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