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Thread: The girls go out on society dates, but one girl thinks that the men are anything but

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    The girls go out on society dates, but one girl thinks that the men are anything but

    From next week's preview:

    * A rare opportunity in Paris finds the girls wearing dresses worth more than their houses and cars! The girls go out on society dates, but one girl thinks that the men are anything but high-society.

    Gee, I wonder who will find the men anything but high society? My bet is on Robin since the men might be "lusting" after her. How is she going to make it in this business? She was upset because she thought that football player was lusting after her.

    Well, let's see....he's male, early 20's with beautiful women hanging on him and rubbing up against him...yep, he was "lusting" all right just like EVERY OTHER MAN ON THE PLANET WOULD BE...even your nice Chrisitan boyfriend, Robin. It's called being human. Just because you are Christian doesn't mean your hormones shut down. And it doesn't mean you are a better person because you ignore your natural urges.

    I really really dislike Robin and can't wait for her to be cut!!!

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    Could not agree more. Robin acts like she is perfect. Now, I'm not Christian, but it is my understanding that Christians believe no one is perfect but JC. Hmmmmmm.....

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    Robin just wants to be respected.....She is said she is not perfect....Now I will say this, it is part of the territory and Robin should with it, by God's grace..Because she wanted this.....

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    Robin should win this because she wante d it? I think Kesse wanted it too and Ebony and Katie and Elyse...everyone wants to win. Why does that make Robin special?

    Notice how no one really has a problem with Shannon's Chrisitianity? That's because she doesn't flaunt it all the time and isn't being judgemental. She seems innocent but not prudish. I have no problem with Christian's but I cannot stand self-righteous ones (Robin).

    I think Robin should go back to memphis and find a nice Christian man to be the head of her household and pop out some babies like a good southern belle.

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    Could not agree more Amy. Shannon is being shown as a typical all-american girl who happens to be Christian.....but if she says "Oh my word!" one more time I swear to Goddess I'm gonna scream!!! LOL

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    Shannon needs to stop telling the world she is a virgin ans stop acting immature when sex or anything like that comes up.

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