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Thread: What Shocks Tyra?

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    Originally posted by testshootcom

    Shanon pregnant with that male model's baby? hahahahaa
    A giant battleship tattoo across Robyn's back
    Elyse caught on a Ben and Jerry's binge
    Adrianne, found to be faking the accent all along.

    Hmmm possibilities abound.

    That's a laugh riot test, well done

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    Mayeb she finds something written in a girl's journal.... Maybe someone wrote offensive stuff about her or the show or about a girl herself in her provate diary or something.... I don't know though.....???

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    Maybe one of the gals opts to sleep with one of the socialite men they go on a date with, T finds out and is disappointed the gal might do that so easily.Dunno just guessing Elyse is seen being carried into a hotel room by someone and they are in robes.

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    Originally posted by liberty27
    Here is what may shock Tyra? She finds out from the camera man what happened to Adrianne. She would not be mad at Adrianne but mad at the situation. Maybe mad at Adrianne for not telling them why she missed one of the Go-see's? Remember Her warning to Adrianne after the food poisoning to not push her self to far. This would not enough to get her voted out, but it would explain her shock and anger.
    Oooooo...I like that possibility liberty27!!

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