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Thread: Next weeks preview maybe spoiler...

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    Anyone see the preview and the ending segment of the last show and have more to share on this topic?
    What did I miss for the upcoming week?

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    I saw looks tame....I think if it comes down to Shannon or Robin doing the nude scene, believe it or not it will be Shannon....I think she wants to win it, and she has been clowned about her virginity since the show has been on...I think she is going to do something to shock people...she will probably be apprehensive toward it and then she will do it...

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    Damn, I missed the preview, all us Trekkies never see the Topmodel previews. Really, I have sorta switched to taping the show now and watching it in bits, it is getting hard to swallow.

    Actually I am not a Trekkie, but I would point my phaser towards Robin and set it on "done" if what you are saying is true.

    Hey, just tape ANTM, and watch Keen Eddy on Fox, far more entertaining. I prep cyanide caps for the second season for my own easy out.

    I bet next season they will have a borderline porn star on there, an uninhibited girl roaming about sleeping her way to the top, the toal opposite of Shannon.

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    that is crazy if they did that....That would definately over the top@testshoot

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    "Actually I am not a Trekkie, but I would point my phaser towards Robin and set it on "done" if what you are saying is true."

    LOL!!! I might set mine to "heathen" or "mute" just to make her more tolerable.

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    LOL!!! I might set mine to "heathen" or "mute" just to make her more tolerable. [/B][/QUOTE]

    LOL!!! Mute would work just fine for me! Although, after next week I don't think we're going to have to worry about tolerating her anymore.

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    Shows Elyse being carried into her hotel room by a guy they jump up and down on the bed then E is taking her shirt off after drinking from a champagne bottle.
    I had to dredge this up because it was so hilarious how wrong we all were in our speculations.

    When watching Adrianne carrying Elyse around last night and jumping on the bed I couldn't stifle the laugh about how we all speculated what GUY it was who was with her.

    Guess Adrianne does need to work on her feminity a bit

    I actually loved the two of them playing together, it was like best friends. Adrianne seems like a hoot, especially her attitude of complete trust with Elyse.

    The hotel scene was great!

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    Very funny that Adrianne was the man in question.
    I loved how happy they were and what a sourpuss Robin was when Adrianne won the competition.
    Robin could have at least cracked a smileonce during the date it was just a test.

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    yeah, I wish she did too@eyedunno...I felt like she would have beat out Shannon if she was lot less standoffish...they weren't lusting over her, but if they weren't you deal with it...that goes with the territory, man....Robin would be Room Milan RIGHT NOW if that did not happen, but they could not deal with her attitude...Even Jay said" I could work with her body, but her attitude is a deterent
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    Originally posted by eyedunno
    DD If that's her uncle E's got bigger issues than whether she can finish a sandwich or not . (shudddderring)

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