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Thread: America’s Next Top Model Recap 6/24

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    Deep Dish

    America’s Next Top Model Recap 6/24

    America’s Next Top Model

    Episode Six Recap June 24, 2003

    Le réalité et toi, vous ne vous entendez pas, n'est-ce pas? No, I don’t speak French (this nugget comes to us courtesy of Google) but I wanted to set up the Franco-flavor. We start this week’s America’s Next Top Model at the Flatotel penthouse. The luxurious crib is looking even more spacious now that only five girls remain: Elyse and Adrianne in the Tokyo Room and Robin, Kesse and Shannon in the Milan Room.

    Adrianne, dressed in jeans and a black halter top, is brushing her hair. She comments to Elyse that, “Even though Giselle could be annoying sometimes, when she wasn’t, she was actually cool.” Elyse (shown eating, by the way) has no time for the eulogy. She saw the grain of the chopping block up close last week and tells us that, “I want the prize a little bit more now than I did at the beginning of the competition.” Adrianne wonders if anyone will move into Tokyo and occupy Giselle’s now vacant bed, which was “constantly farted on,” according to Adrianne.

    We whisk over to the Milan Room to find Robin, Kesse and Shannon on their beds. Shannon says something a little too rapidly and hoarsely for me to catch about “…reading the word.” Robin understood apparently because next thing we know, she has her Bible out and is reciting The Prayer of Jabez: “Lord, bless me indeed and expand my territory.” Hey this is a good one. I’m going to get this embossed on my real estate holding portfolio. Robin tells us “we [she and Shannon] pray every day that we’re the last three standing.” The reason I’m hesitant to include Kesse in on this is because she doesn’t have a Bible in front of her. I think Robin is too quick to include her in the flock.

    Back in Tokyo, the conversation is more on my level. “I was laughing at your ugly tits,” Elyse says to Adrianne. “I have beautiful tits,” exclaims Adrianne. “Almost everyone that looks at my boobs, they’re like, god, they’re so jiggly and beautiful.” They both collapse into a fit of giggles. Kesse stops by for a visit to Tokyo, which Elyse describes as more “raucous and nude” than Milan. Adrianne asks Kesse, “Would you just go to a sex shop for like two seconds?” Kesse funkily replies, “Girl, I’ve been to sex shops before!” They high five and Adrianne says, “Miss Kesse’s down!” Elyse tells us she thinks Kesse is “hilarious” and “coming out of her shell.”

    Pink, Portfolios and Paris
    The next morning, Tyra Mail instructs the girls to head for the Wilhelmina Models, the agency that will award the winner of this competition a modeling contract. Adrianne is excited at finally getting her foot in the door of a New York agency, something she’s been wanting for a long time.

    The girls meet Pink, Director of the Women’s Division (Wilhelmina has several women’s divisions so I’m not sure if he’s director of the top-tier Wilhelmina Women, W Women or W Runway). “I book models,” he tells them in a tone that suggests Mt. Everest-size clout. Pink wears heavy black frame glasses, short hair and gray long-sleeve shirt. The agency is typically designed—very modern looking with photos of the models they represent adorning the racks of the office. Pink straight forwardly tells them “roughly 2,000 to 3,000 girls are going up for one or two positions…do you have what it takes?”

    Pink teaches our contestants about “go sees.” A go see is an interview with a prospective client. “You have to impress upon [the client] that you’re that girl,” Pink emphasizes. Getting booked by four or five clients a month means $20,000 to $25,000 a month. Adrianne, nearly foaming at the mouth, tells the camera, “That’s some money.” Pink also helps the girls construct their portfolios and makes comments on each girl.

    Elyse: “Amazing,” he says of her snake photo. “I could send you out with this picture right now.”
    Adrianne: They discuss how to wear your hair on go sees.
    Robin: “People love accents,” he says.
    Shannon: “Body’s in really good shape,” he compliments.
    Kesse: “Don’t be afraid to let some of that personality shine through,” he tells her.

    Now that he’s armed the girls with how to meet clients and present their portfolios and themselves, he drops the bomb. They are all going to Paris. Today. Right now. “The intelligent model,” he says, “takes one bag.” Everyone is looking shocked both by the trip and the one bag limitation (especially Robin).

    Packing and Boyfriends
    “How many pairs of underwear are you bringing?” asks Adrianne as they girls scramble to prepare for their flight to France. No one really answers but we see Adrianne selecting an assortment of dental floss thin thongs. Robin is in a crisis because she suitcase is overloaded to the point of breaking fire codes.

    Now it’s time to call their boyfriends and let them know they’ll be out for a few days. Well, except Shannon. She says, “I’ve never had a serious boyfriend. Never even actually had a boyfriend. Please, Lord, send me somebody!” Elyse dryly tells Marty (remember him from last week?) she’s phoning to check in. Adrianne says to hers, “I love you, dude. Wish me luck, man.” And get this—Robin has a boyfriend! All we hear from him is “I love you too. Bye.” He sounds older, big and not comfortable on the phone. Unfortunately I do not have time to run his voice through my frequency analyzer for this recap, otherwise I’d go even more nuts with speculation.

    Shannon’s ideal boyfriend is Brad Pinkert, a model she read about in a magazine profile. As we saw way back in Episode One, she keeps his magazine photos and bio. She’s attracted to him because he says his favorite book is the Bible. “Wherever you are, boy, I’m going to come find you.” They all leave the apartment and Adrianne tells us, “This is the definitely the best day of my life.” Because you’re going to J.F.K.?

    Arrival in Paris
    Steering clear of fancy The Amazing Race flight graphics, we instead get a Monty Python-like cartoon cut-out of the girls on their Trans-Atlantic journey. We see the French flag, l’Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge. How original. Robin immediately demonstrates her stupidity by telling her driver in slow, deliberate syllables, “Me keepee thisay,” clutching on to her stuffed animal. No wonder the French gave Steve & Josh the wrong directions. Shannon is acting like she’s on Mars and her present from Earth is her toothy smile. Kesse is thrilled to be here because she wants to “get away from the whole environment of being in Arkansas.” “All the foreign cars” surprise Adrianne. Robin says she "expected to see people on boats with violins." "I didn’t realize it was so beautiful." Elyse tells us she likes Paris; her uncle lives here and she visited a few years ago. The driver points out The Louvre to them and Shannon is impressed but tells Adrianne she “forgets what it is exactly.” Adrianne, impressionable girl that she is, declares Paris is the most beautiful place in the world.

    The girls arrive at the Hotel de Deux Acacias and are met by Joseph, the owner. He hands Shannon their key and wishes them a good stay. The girls take their own luggage up a narrow winding stairway to their room. It turns out to be the size of closet and has only four beds. They can’t move their arms without touching someone. Shannon says, “We’re all living in a small room together. Something’s going to happen.” Elyse suggests they draw pick names to see who gets the bed. The lucky four are Kesse, Shannon, Elyse and Adrianne. Robin gets the air mattress on the floor. “I’m not so special I can’t sleep on the air mattress,” says Robin.

    The girls go for a walk and a street artist draws Robin. “Where is your husband,” he asks her. “I don’t have a husband, unfortunately,” Robin answers. “It’s ok,” says the smooth Frenchman. “You can stay in Paris with me.” Shannon receives a double-kiss from one of the artists and reacts like a 3rd Grader.

    Tyra Mail alerts the girls she will be joining them for dinner tonight. As the girls prepare, Adrianne announces, “I’ve been wearing the same underwear for almost 48 hours. It’s just disgusting.” I’m not too sure what Adrianne has got going on down there but 48 hours is not a long time. Robin is shutting the bathroom door on the camera guys because she’s not dressed. Adrianne has no such worries and changes right there in front of everyone. “You don’t have to be a lesbian to change in front of your friends,” she says.

    Controversy erupts when Adrianne asks Elyse to help her learn a few key French phrases. Among these are “How do you say, ‘Adrianne has enormous cha chas?’” and “Elyse, how bad does your cooch smell?” Elyse obliges by telling her (or making it up on the fly). Either way, it’s funny. Robin gives Adrianne a look “like the teacher did in school.” “I don’t want to hear that, I don’t speak like that, I don’t act like that,” a disturbed Robin says. Elyse is enjoying this tremendously. Even though she doesn’t try to “piss off Robin deliberately,” she loves the fact Adrianne does.

    Elyse then shows off her high intelligence by redundantly pointing out that Tyra then met them at the French restaurant. You’re in France. By default it’s French unless you’re going to McDeath or for Chinese. Tyra tells them she insisted on Paris being a part of their experience because this is the city where her career got started when she was seventeen. A scout was in L.A. and told her to fly over here, so she did and the rest is history. The “cramped” apartment was Tyra’s idea, of course, to simulate the starting-out model’s living arrangements. After dinner, everyone goes home and is dead tired. Robin blow dries her hair and Adrianne says she purposely wants to make noise because of her air mattress accommodations.

    Wonderbras and a Surprise for Shannon
    The next morning, the girls arrive at the Hilton Paris for a photo shoot. Iderlin Carrillo, assistant stylist, outfits the girls in an assortment of Wonderbra bras and panties. Iderlin’s hands are all over Shannon, pushing here, adjusting there. Robin says the photo shoots are getting more “interesting, for lack of a better word.” Adrianne thinks Shannon is “crazy because she’s never done anything. Never touched herself, never watched a porn. She’s never done anything!” Shannon says that her “uncovered body is for one person only—my husband.” Someone please wave $10,000 under her nose and we’ll see how true she remains to that statement. “How are you guys going to be models?” Adrianne asks. Make-up artist Jay Manuel asks Shannon what she thinks of masturbation. She answers she’s never done it and knows how boys do it but “didn’t know we could do it to ourselves.” As the camera cuts to the next seen, we see Shannon with a look on her face as if someone is demonstrating precisely what girls can do to themselves.

    Enter photographer Michel Haddi. He enters the room licking his chops and tells the girls he hopes they “are ready to rumble!” Today’s object is to “be as bad as you can be.” At this point I moved closer to the screen. Shannon is first up and she enters the room to see a cut blond cute guy in boxer briefs. “Oh my word,” she says with a big-ass smile. They shake hands and he introduces himself as Brad. YES, THAT BRAD! Brad Pinkert! When Shannon realizes this, she gives us another “Oh my word!” and doesn’t know whether to turn red or run from the room. The photo shoot starts. Shannon is wearing a white bra and string lace bikini panty. She looks good except for the fact that her expression says, “I’m competing with Hannah Storm and Jimmy Carter for the most teeth in a human mouth.” Michel Haddi tells Shannon to “bite [Brad]. Go for it!” She nibbles on his ear. Brad then loops his thumb on the side string of her bikini and it looks pretty hot. Of course, as we later see, Michel is photographing this from a weird angle, which captures none of this. Oh well. Michel describes Shannon as “just a bit…lost.” Brad says, “I hope I was everything she thought I was going to be.”

    Elyse is up next in a light blue bra, camisole and boy shorts. She looks like Annie Lennox and there’s nothing remotely sexy about either. Michel likes her and says she’s “like a little fawn, coming out of a Disney movie.” I’ll admit Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Belle from Beauty and the Beast were pretty hot. But a fawn? Michel, there are internet sites for that sort of thing.

    Kesse’s up next in a satin bra and French cut panty set. She has to trot over to Brad and then lay on top of him. Michel says she’s “too scared” and “not confident.” Adrianne’s turn to bat. I think stylist Iderlin Carrillo dropped the ball this time, as did Jay Manuel. Wrong color lingerie, wrong make-up, wrong hair. Instead of sultry, Adrianne looks like a pre-pubescent girl that played with her mom’s make-up. She does give us some funny lines though. As Iderlin is adjusting Adrianne’s bra, Adrianne asks, “Don’t you love doing that?” Then, she tells us in this scene, “You’re supposed to be on fire and I was!” She was really grinding up to Brad, trooper that he is.

    Robin is next and two things are evident. First, anyone who still is not understanding what Tyra means by saying Robin is disproportionate must see her in a bra and panty. On top, Robin is so slim. On the bottom, she’s quite thighy. To be a plus-size model—which is still about selling clothes—you’ve got to fit the clothes and that means having a proportionate body. The other evident thing is that Robin is really fussy and had an awkward time with Brad. Still, as I’ll say later, I thought she had the best photo with him. I’m not playing devil’s advocate, either.

    After the shoots, the girls are in their Hilton Paris ready room and there’s a knock on the door. Shannon answers and it’s a robed Brad Pinkert making small talk and inviting them to dinner tonight. This guy looks really good and I highly doubt this is the first time he’s asked five women out on a group date and they’ve accepted. Shannon is thrilled because she says, “I’ve been out on a few dates but not a date date.” Tonight could be you’re lucky night if you play your cards right, Sha-No!

    Dinner at Le Coupe Chou
    Le Coupe Chou looks like a romantic place and everyone is sitting at the table, Shannon next to Brad. Robin asks Brad what he knew about Shannon. He says they told him, “Somebody has a crush on you.” Robin asks him about his favorite book being the Bible and he says that’s correct. When asked to name a favorite second book, he can’t come up with a title and says he doesn’t read much. Adrianne then points out that in his bio, he named his favorite movie as being Boogie Nights. She’s not convinced.

    After dinner, Shannon and Brad go for a walk by themselves. Their date had about as much heat as my freezer. Right at the end, in the lobby of the Hotel de Deux Acacias, Brad moves in for a double-kiss and Shannon leaves him hanging. She returns to her room in a fit of giggles. She tries to explain the double-kiss mix up but this must be the most You-Had-To-Be-There moment ever captured on reality television. No one laughs. Instead, Shannon is told they must all dress to impress tomorrow, with portfolio because it’s go see time. Adrianne says if she gets cut, she’d rather it happen in Paris.

    Go Sees by Metro
    The girls arrive at the Marilyn Agency and meet with the owner, Marilyn Gauthier. She is or was Tyra’s agent in Paris (also Kimora’s as we later learned). Marilyn tells the girls this is a very important city to start out in, as they all hang on her every word. Next they meet Emma Mackie, a Brit who works the “new faces” side of Marilyn Agency. She tells them they have five go sees today and must make all of them. Emma explains the Parisian arrondissement system of the city’s layout and the Metro, the subway. That is how they’ll be getting around. She warns them the same name could be a rue, an avenue or a place. Everyone has a puzzled look on their face. If you’ve never seen the Paris subway system, give 10 different colored markers to a toddler (or a drunk) and a sheet of paper, and you’ll get the idea.

    We then get a split-screen (times five) picture in picture of the girls scurrying through Paris. Kesse looks confused. Elyse successfully gets to her first go see. Robin is obviously a fan of The Amazing Race because she grabs a French boy and deputizes him as her guide to all her go sees. She tells him she’ll pay him too because “That’s how we do it in America.”

    Shannon has also made it to first go see. The client asks how long she’s modeled and in a thunderous voice that even Christy from Survivor: The Amazon would cringe at, Shannon replies, “NOT VERY LONG!” The French woman is taken aback and makes a downward motion with her hands, telling Shannon to take down the volume a few notches. “Ssshh, who’s listening to us?” she asks. “Nobody.” She really does it in a tender way too, not rude. “Ok, my love, it’s enough for me today. I will remember you,” the client says. Don’t forget to read the quoted material with an accent for the full effect.

    Kesse actually misses a go see because she’s mesmerized by beauty products at a store. Adrianne can’t figure out how a turnstile works so she pinches the front and back of her mini-dress and legs it over the bar. No, you vid-cappers out there, you can’t see anything so stop trying! I know, I checked. Elyse is busy making good impressions on her clients and Robin is modeling a dress for one of hers.

    Things go south for Adrianne. As she’s walking around the streets looking like she needs help but not really asking anyone, Roman Fingers invade Paris. A guy wearing a baseball cap (come on, it’s got to be an American) and a light jacket walks by Adrianne and puts his hand on her thigh as if to “brush something off” (Adrianne’s words) but instead makes an attempt to go up her leg toward her crotch. Now, I mentioned this in one of the discussion threads, but if Adrianne is the tomboy and tuff grrrl she claims to be, why didn’t she beat the shit of this guy right there on the street? Incidentally, I’m convinced the perpetrator was Rob Campos.

    The anxiety this brings Adrianne causes her to bypass her go see. She was too stressed out about it. This definitely comes back to haunt her. We see Shannon making it to all her go sees. We also see Kesse breaking it down military style (that’s dancing) on the Metro, having fun with the locals.

    The fifth and last go see is at the Royal Monceau. All the girls arrive there and Robin, true to her word, pays her young guide. He gives her a hug and double-kiss and Robin seems genuinely grateful. A bit condescending but grateful nevertheless. The girls discover their last go see is actually with the judges and it’s time for an elimination! Adrianne tells us she doesn’t want to go home and Robin invokes the power of Christianity to say it isn’t in The Scriptures to be nervous.

    Judgment, Sacre Bleu!
    This week’s guest judge is agency owner Marilyn Gauthier. We also have a non-voting member that will be asking the girls questions and that’s Emma Mackie, notes from the clients in hand. I must point out this is the best Janice has looked. Her hair was working and her make-up made her look less waxy than usual. We’re also told Kimora got her start in Paris too “at the tender age of 13.” Here are the comments:

    Elyse: She went to all go sees and was described as “nice, open and friendly.” Elyse thinks her Wonderbra pose was awkward and Janice gets on her case about being critical. Tyra disagrees and says she often thinks she could have done better too, so she admires Elyse’s honesty. Marilyn says her photo look is “modern” and we’re told Michel said she was “the best.” I didn’t like the photo at all because I think it completely missed the delicate and fragile waif look, not to mention the Wonderbra lingerie wore Elyse, not the other way around.

    Shannon: She also went to all her go sees. She was described as “beautiful, big smile, but too obvious.” Tyra explains this means “too pretty.” She has to “freak it up” and Janice tells her she needs an edge. As for the picture, Janice likes it because she was all over Brad “like a cheap suit” and dubs the photo “Christians with Abs.”

    Adrianne: Made it to only three go sees and gets reprimanded. Asked why, Adrianne makes an excuse she didn’t know the subway but is told the other girls didn’t have a problem with it. Clients’ comments say her styling was bad and she would look “better in jeans.” Tyra is frustrated with Adrianne’s look and tells her she needed to dress to impress on these go sees. She tells her to pull her hair back and let everyone see her face. Adrianne does this and the judges give her a round of applause because she instantly gets the point. Janice describes her photo as “semi-porn.” It really was a bad picture.

    Kesse: Also only went to three go sees. Comments were that she has a “great smile, nice skin but not right for fashion.” “I respect their opinions,” says Kesse. She’s so nice.

    Robin: Beau asks her if she felt she cheated a bit by having a guide with her all day. Robin manages to talk her way into a “no” but it’s awkward. Personally, I feel there was nothing wrong with asking for directions but Tyra and Marilyn bring up a good point: safety. It may not be the wisest of moves to ask a stranger to blindly lead you anywhere in a city you don’t know.

    As for her photograph, the judges mentioned it was angry but I think it's the best one. It's like Robin and Brad are lovers and they've just had a heated argument. They are either going to throw each other out the window or break the headboard on the bed.

    Janice says Robin is too old and that Christian thing is just not working. Beau says he likes Robin’s spunk in person. Marilyn states the simple fact there is no market in France for plus-size models. Tyra harps on her asking a stranger to lead her.

    Kimora says she doesn’t like Adrianne’s photo but she is sexy. Tyra is not impressed with her go see performance. Janice says Shannon has “improved” a lot and Beau mentions she’s not looking after her hair properly and looks “Barbie-ish.”

    Beau says Elyse’s picture looks like they dressed a skinny boy up. Tyra says she’s the strongest in Paris. I agree with Tyra but with a huge qualifier “of the bunch.” The “look” that sets Elyse apart from the rest of the contestants pales next to the prototype look of the actual working Parisian waif model achieves. Kesse is losing points because of her missed go see for an “aimless reason.” Beau likes her though.

    The Final Four
    Tyra stands and the Photo Ceremony begins. She calls out Elyse’s name. Tyra says she “took Paris by storm” and congratulates her. Shannon is next but Tyra says she wants “the winner of this competition to rule the world,” and that won’t happen if Shannon keeps her “safe look.” I fully agree. I think Shannon has been looking very good over the last two episodes but she needs to get some fire and lose inhibition.

    Robin is the third name called! Again, she makes it! Tyra tells her to “use her head” instead of a Frenchman. So we are down to Kesse and Adrianne! Tyra asks them to come forward. Tyra tells Kesse she’s “beautiful” but feels the “desire is not coming out.” Tyra tells Adrianne not to hide “behind her hair.” The eliminated girl must immediately return to her hometown, Tyra says, heightening the tension.

    “Adrianne,” Tyra says, “Congratulations…you’re making me cry…you’re still in the running to becoming America’s next top model.”

    Kesse is out and everyone is crying, girls and judges. Tyra says eliminating Kesse was hard on everyone. It’s very emotional and you can tell they are all feeling it.

    Kesse says “It really never felt like a competition” because she was having “so much fun. I love them, good luck. Leaving everybody was emotional.” I’m not surprised Kesse was eliminated tonight but she appeared to be a wonderful person and I hope she find success in whatever she does.

    Next week we have more rifts between the “Christians and the Pagans,” as Tyra’s voiceover has labeled them. The girls learn about French haute couture and French men. Also, there will be a nude photo shoot and Robin is shown having a breakdown about it. Only one week away, WOO HOO!!!

    To contact the author, send mail to

    If you missed them or just can't get enough, read the Episode One, Episode Two, Episode Three, Episode Four and Episode Five recaps!

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    Tres jolie!

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    Great recap, Deep Dish!

    I agree with you about the photos. Robin's is the best. The photographer and stylist didn't use Elyse (or any of the models) to their advantage. Maybe the underwear was a poor selection as well, too childish.

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    Originally posted by Deep Dish
    Shannon has also made it to first go see. The client asks how long she’s modeled and in a thunderous voice that even Christy from Survivor: The Amazon would cringe at, Shannon replies, “NOT VERY LONG!”

    Excellent recap...

    The Church Lady, senior, is really getting on my nerves...

    Elyse remains my favorite with Adrianne in second, but Shannon is growing on me, based on her work alone... Come to the dark side!!!

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    I haven't been following the show but saw alittle last night.whew it's intense....

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    Originally posted by Abelard
    Great recap, Deep Dish!
    I agree with you about the photos. Robin's is the best. The photographer and stylist didn't use Elyse (or any of the models) to their advantage. Maybe the underwear was a poor selection as well, too childish.
    The more that I think about it, I agree with you. All of the photos were surprisingly disappointing. Odd poses, strange camera angles, unflattering unnecessarily.

    I never understand why the judges keep criticizing the models themselves for the poses, when the photographers are the ones giving the direction & taking the pictures! I haven't been very impressed with most of the photographers thus far. The best one, IMO, was the one who took the snake pic's!

    Great recap, Deep Dish! Thanks! :cool:

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    Awesome recap, DD -- your metaphors are the work of a mad genius!

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    Le réalité et toi, vous ne vous entendez pas, n'est-ce pas? No, I don’t speak French (this nugget comes to us courtesy of Google) but I wanted to set up the Franco-flavor.
    Next week we have more rifts between the “Christians and the Pagans,” as Tyra’s voiceover has labeled them. The girls learn about French haute couture and French men.
    From beginning to end, whether "mad" or just "genius," your recap is a pure delight studded with gems, just like a glittering diamond nestled in a basket filled with pebbles.

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by CaliGirl
    ...your recap is a pure delight studded with gems, just like a glittering diamond nestled in a basket filled with pebbles.
    You rock, California Babe! Thanks!

    Abelard, I agree. No woman should wear Wonderbra lingerie. Ever.

    Mosaik, very funny about "The Church Lady!"

    CO594, read the past recaps and you'll be caught up and ready for the home stretch.

    Carlylicious, the photographer on the snake shoot was Troy Ward and he's been my favorite too so far.

    katkatalk, very nice compliment!

    Thanks to everyone who's reading and enjoying! I'm receiving plenty of e-mail as well and it's quite encouraging.

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    in a good place
    I must point out this is the best Janice has looked. Her hair was working and her make-up made her look less waxy than usual.

    I noticed that too. Maybe she's been lurking on FORT!

    Robin immediately demonstrates her stupidity by telling her driver in slow, deliberate syllables, “Me keepee thisay,” clutching on to her stuffed animal.

    So that's what she said! No Robin, you're in France, not ordering around your undocumented housemaid.

    Make-up artist Jay Manuel asks Shannon what she thinks of masturbation.

    Shannon....oh, never mind. At least you're getting more screen time this week.

    Great recap! This was an unusually intense episode (for me at least) and the recap reminded me there were some funny moments. Elyse & Adrianne crack me up with the cha-cha talk. Well, what else to us girls have to chat about?
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