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Thread: Rules of the show?? I am confused

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    Rules of the show?? I am confused

    I am a bit confused : by this show. It seems as if alot of these girls have previous modelling experience? Is that not an unfair advantage? Mattio posted a pic of Adrianne when she was 18 for Blushmodels. Giselle, Nicole have also done modelling: What am I missing. These girls should not be allowed on the show, me thinks :rolleyes:

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    Yes, but they have never made it "big." These pictures that we see are from regional, or small agencies and you don't see them doing high designer ads. Those agencies are about getting a book together and starting out. You notice that most of the shots you see are just photographs, and not ads. Anyone can take your photo and put it up on the internet, but have you seen any of them in the magazines? I think that is what this contest is about, giving them a chance to be a professional, international model. Even though it shows on nicole's site that she has done magazines and other things, I think she was in the contest to be represented by a big agency and get more exposure.

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    They've all done modeling

    They've all done modeling, but the picture of Adrianne is when she was with blushmodels and that was one of the pictures in her Portfolio, she was never in any magazines or catalogs. She did a little bit of runway, but thats about it.

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