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Thread: Nicole's ex boyfriend

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    Nicole's ex boyfriend

    nyc_star posted a link to some pictures of nicole and her ex boyfriend. Can someone explain to me, why some guy who is sooo good looking can be so jealous of guys on the show (even though those guys are gay). If he has self-confidence issues, I feel sorry for those of us who are not that good looking. BTW he is good lokking but his tats make him "NASTY"

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    first of all I hope she never goes back with him. He straight up dissed her while she was on the show and I thought she was crazy to turn down that night to meet p diddy's mother over him. I really hope she looks at her actions and the way he spoke to her when the show airs so she can see exactly how much she was disrespected. All she could think about was having babies and getting married with him and i couldnt help myself but laugh because she had a top carear in her hands but let it all go. Did you all see where he said he never called her, lol!!! then the camera guy showed her calling everyday and night with different clothes on giving us the impression that she wouldnt do anything there if she didnt make an effort to call her so-called man first. Ladies, Nicole's ex wasnt scared that she would fall in love or mess with another man. Think!!! He simply was trying to use that as an excuse for what HE was doing in hopes that she wouldnt be there doing the same. Relationships are tough but at times we can be so foolish to stay in those that arent good for us.

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