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Thread: is gisell half french?

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    is gisell half french?

    when i was reading the interview with "eliminated contestents" on the other websites, the interviewer described her as being half french... Is she??!! Does anyone know?

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    I think in our government's current anti-franco attitude, it was meant to be a slam.

    I have loads of French magazines around my place, and when I shot her the first day, she noticed them, asked me if I spoke French, but made no mention of it, she told me her background once, but it is late, my brain grows tired.

    Je pourrais être mépris sur notre position du gouvernement. Ils pourraient être pro-Vichy. Padon my French, it is not that great, I learned pretty much in grade school.

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    by the way, below is the site for her interview.

    and this is the part I picked up.
    The remaining girls left for Paris the day after heeliminationon, and although this half-French gal would have loved to see the sights, she does believe that she was eliminated for a reason.

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    still, not sure, scratching my head, ok wait, i need to walk away for a minute, there is a fine line between booster (and late nite phone companion) and a stalker.

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    Originally posted by testshootcom
    I think in our government's current anti-franco attitude, it was meant to be a slam.

    Is that why I never warmed to her?
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