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Thread: nicole's more photos

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    nicole's more photos
    enter this site, and click °»portfolio°… and then click °»fashion/beauty°…

    I think she is very beautiful, and you can see many of her unseen photos on these two sites..

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    you will see a lot of cory's pics. on these sites, too. (her ex. bf)
    he is the one who a huge tatoo "NSASTY" on his back.

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    Deep Dish

    Re: nicole

    Originally posted by nyc_star
    you will see a lot of cory's pics. on these sites, too. (her ex. bf)
    @ "ex."

    He was right to be so pissy and jealous. Once girls get a taste of fame, they dump their chump boyfriends they were with in 0,25 seconds!!!

    Nicole, did you get your extensions redone?

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    Maybe she dumped him because he was an a**hole and did not support her when she needed him? Good looking guys can get away with murder

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    are those boobs real?

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    Deep Dish
    Two pictures stand out in her portfolio:

    1. 2nd row, last on right.
    2. 3rd row, first one.

    Both show great photography and styling. She even nailed the expression.

    She should stick with this look because the others are not good.

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    I think the second one on row 3 is also good. Why don't you like the others?

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by domiagnew
    Why don't you like the others?
    Row 1 (from left to right)
    1. Bad hair.
    2. That's not how you hold a cigarette.
    3. This is a fun pic but why portfolio?
    4. Too ghetto.
    5. Bad hair.

    Row 2
    1. Trying too hard.
    2. " " "
    3. Bad make-up.
    4. Awful hair.
    5. Perfect.

    Row 3
    1. Perfect, other than the fact the image is flipped.
    2. Frilly underwear is just wrong.
    3. Stuff sucks.
    4. " "
    5. Check out this month's Bazaar to see how to do a skyscraper shot.
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    Originally posted by BUSHSUCKS
    are those boobs real?
    They look fake... good, but fake

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    Nicole has implants.

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