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Thread: Politics, diplomacy?

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    Politics, diplomacy?

    does this make sense to you

    cut her and you get:
    it will seem anti-christian or anti-plus model
    she wins and:
    it is a small victory for so called 'regular women' everywhere

    cut her and you get:
    the ringer was there to throw us off the track
    she wins and:
    she has a posperous career as a model starts a few days earlier, it will happen, oh yes it will

    cut her and you get:
    a hot girl in the next 50 cent video
    she wins and:
    becomes a popular print model and in commercials

    cut her and you get:
    a girl that has been mistreated and taken by yet another dead end or scam (show is not a scam, i mean modeling scams)
    she wins and:
    she is in Vogue shortly thereafter (on a side note, thank god magazines don't speak)

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    Deep Dish

    Re: Politics, diplomacy?

    Originally posted by testshootcom
    does this make sense to you

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    Actually, I always thought Elyse was a ringer. No way will Robin win this thing.

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    I see the point you're making about politics (or political correctness), but what did you mean by diplomacy?

    By the subject line, I thought you were going to tie this to some current event or world leader. You know, GW Bush offering the winner to secure the alliance of a foreign country...

    "Please take America's TOP model as a token of our esteem."
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