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Thread: Who's not eliminated next **Spoilers**

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    We All Know That...

    WE all know that Adrianne isn't going to be eliminated next. If you look at the opening of the show, it shows Adrianne with her hair kinda wet in the left hand corner, well we all know that next episode they are doing a underwear shoot, so Adrianne has to stay in so she can do that picture, yep yep.

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    Hey kid. Why don't you go and do your homework. You know Adrianne made it to the final 2, sooooo it is obvious she is not eliminated next.

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    well duh

    I AM her cousin. I was just telling that to the world and blessing them with my amazing talents.

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    you must be the most popular boy in your high school right now.

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    Lordy, just lay off the kid, will you?? My niece was VERY close to making it to Survivor Africa (she had to be DQ'd because she is not a US citizen yet, still Canadian and that could have posed problems with the embassy if help was needed) and I can tell you right now if she HAD made it I would have been on here shouting to the high Heavens about her.

    If you don't like his posts, guys, please don't read them. No need to be catty. You're starting to sound like Robin.

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    thank you, but now that everybody already knows that I am her cousin, I am going to stop with saying it everypost because it is already well known.

    I was already popular, but i used it to promote the show, like, "watch Matt Laker's cousin on ANTM"

    So yeah. That sucks that you're Niece didn't make it, I wish that we did, then we could start a club. haha

    "You're starting to sound like Robin. "

    AHAHAHA! that was a good one!

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