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Thread: Weight - double standard

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    Weight - double standard

    I felt that lasts night's episode was showing a huge double standard regarding weight. The girls and judges denounce Elyse because she is "too" thin and yet Tyra goes to the mat to keep Robin because she is "large". Shouldn't both girls be praised for being healthy and comfortable in their own bodies.

    Both my mother and grandmother are "too" thin and they don't have eating disorders just skinny body types (believe me they would love to have a little more flab if it meant bigger boobs too).

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    In my opinion, Robin talks too highly of herself and at times I cannot stand it. I believe in God as well but damn she goes on and on about it, which can cause a problem and can prevent her from winning the competition. I believe she is very beautiful but her attitude sucks. I wish dearly that someone would to talk to her about her ways so that she could change for the better. Robin would be my number one choice but to live in the world thinking that you are perfect and never did anything wrong is impossible. God doesnít say in the bible that we as human beings (his creations) have to be perfect but that indeed we are made up of flesh, human flesh and everyone sins and falls short to the glory of God. In that note, it is ok to loosen up a little and to except people no matter what sins they are engaged in whether homosexuality or even atheism. Robin, girl if you are going to be in the modeling agency keep your beliefs strong and high but stop judging those who donít believe in what you do. In the modeling agency there are those who are even on drugs but you are not there to judge them for God is the one who is the number one judge. Robinís age is no big deal! Come on now she looks great and 26 is not old because if that were the case, that ugly ass bitch of a judge (Janice Dickinson) wouldnít be there. Not only are her eyebrows messed up but her breast and lips arenít even real. Robin just needs to chill! Her weight in my opinion is not and should not be an issue!!! Damn the lady has thighs, she can wear mostly everything the other models have worn and look damn good in it. She does not have cellulite nor marks so what is the problem?? When Tyra was comparing Robin to other large size models I was kind of happy Tyra stood up for her, however, the other women whom Robin was compared to were much bigger. Robin, please try to look at the episodes to understand what I mean about your personality but if I had to choose another model to win the competition it would be Adrianne. I believe Adrianne if not Robin should win the competition because she put everything she had into it. Going to the elimination after being diagnosed with food poisoning was simply amazing. She right there not only with her flawless photos has proven that she as well as Robin are the best!

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    I think its fine to be comfortable but large or too skinny shouldnt be encouraged at all.

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    Kyeshaky, this thread is about the weight double standard. I'm not sure how you got on the subject of religion...

    So, back to the weight issue...

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    I agree there is a double standard...Elyse can't help her size, neither can Robin...Some women are like that, no matter how much they eat, they stay thin...Some women no matter how she much they exercise they are still "thick"..that is just the way it is...Instead of pickking at the women like they are meat, they need to see the poise and attitude and potential and judge off that....

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    Deep Dish

    Re: Weight - double standard

    Originally posted by kbaylee
    Shouldn't both girls be praised for being healthy and comfortable in their own bodies.
    To make it as a model, praise isn't going to pay rent. Money is. You need to be paid and that comes from getting work. This business is just like any other, that is you look for a profit. To maximize profits, you build for a standard size. That is why Robin is out.

    Elyse is told she's too thin for two reasons. The one that isn't logical is the "bad impression" this gives about the modeling world. Kimora is hung up on that. The one that does make sense, Beau's reason, is that Elyse is too boyish/androgenous.

    Anyone who doesn't want to be professionally judged on what they look like should not go into modeling, it's as simple as that.

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    I think I see the light...I know what people like Deep Dish, and Matt is saying....Being a supermodel is a totally different "Animal" than being a model...Like Beyonce is Model material because she is pretty, but she could never be Supermodel material because she is hippy and on a runway that would not be a deteriment than some who is proportunate or thin...I see why some of you say Rob has no Chance....She is a better print model, but supermodel is a different thing....OK my eyes are open now

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    Robin needs that extra weight to buffer her ego.

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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by ILuvRobin
    I think I see the light...OK my eyes are open now.
    Good. Read this. It provides a nice intro to the different tiers and branches of modeling.

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    ok...the print model article is interesting....That sound like Rob to me...I still hope she wins though....

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