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Thread: Robin

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    Amen! That is, a very sacreligious amen. I agree to all the above... This is the one time I'm even remotely glad that Robin didn't get kicked out at the beginning because as the clothes disappear, Robin gets more and more amusing. She's so flustered when it comes to anything that doesn't involve an "I love Jesus" rally. I want to punch her in the face.

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    I agree that Robin has to go. Both me and my husband find it absolutely incredible that she is still in the competition! She might have a good figure for somebody you run into on the street and a pretty face, but I'm sorry - top models are intended to be SKINY and this is a top model competition. Not to mention her attitude and closed mindeness!!! : Totally unprofessional!

    I really do not know what Tyra sees in Robin since she is pretty much the one that keeps her in. She is probably concerned about her image on the show (supporting *big* models like herself). It's a fact that Tyra herself is not exactly a typical runway model and she is amongst the *big* type, also she is not very famous in Europe...
    But this is America's next top model so maybe even "fat" Robin can win... In that case I would have named the show "The next Tyra" instead of what it's called.

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    funny how god makes us in his own image and we should be ashamed of it??? I believe adam and eve were naked??? how two faced is religion?

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    Robyn's religion says nothing about posing naked. She just thinks that it is bad. This simply shows you how warped her sense of thinking is.

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    I agree that Robin is inbetween sizes.

    But you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think Robin is quite beautiful on the outside. Unfortunately, she's rather a pill otherwise. If she is eliminated, I would hope it is because her look won't really work out and not just because she's obnoxious. A lot of top models actually look rather average (Carmen Kass, I definitely don't think she is beautiful), but they have interesting looks when made up and dressed and photographed or sashaying down a runway.

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    The Bible story of Adam and Eve narrates that once they sinned, they saw nakedness as sinful. Since "we" (Robin) live(s) in a fallen world, she thinks nakedness is sinful. Not unusual. But what is unusual is someone who believes that wanting to be a model! Most high fashion models don't do nude shots, but they do have shots in which they are almost naked or wearing nothing but hiding parts of their anatomy, etc. So...I don't know how Robin and Shannon are going to deal with this. The promo clip looked like Adrianne convering her breasts, I mean, her cha chas.

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    She's just assanine.

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    Church Lady has got some serious issues...

    This show would be such a joke if she finished in the top two...

    There's got to be more to being a model than how you look on paper, say I. Without her looks, Robin would be a hissing 85 year-old bible-thumping hag.

    (I have nothing against Christians, btw.)

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    agree with mosaik. I have nothing against Christian either but....

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    Shannon and Robyn are in denial. How many jobs do they think they will get if they refuse to do what the designers and photographers ask? The stuff they've been asked to do is within the realm of modeling jobs. I'm surprised they have gotten away with it so far.
    Next week will be interesting to me, if they both won't pose nearly naked or have big issuesd with it how will the judges choose between them and how will that affect the one bible thumper that's left? I wonder what her decison will be after the other gets the boot.

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