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Thread: Robin

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    Re: Robin

    Robin helped make cycle one. She was hilarious.

    Without her, ANTM might have expired long ago.

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    Re: Robin

    Quote Originally Posted by jasmar;2446327;
    That's a pretty general statement. Do you personally know "most people with her convictions?" Of course that's a silly question, and it's meant to be.

    Robin was indeed a mean, bossy, hypocritical woman. But 1) every human ever born has been a hypocrite - some just hide it better than others; 2) she may have reflected poorly on Christianity, but it's an easy cop-out to dismiss an entire belief system because of a reality TV contestant; 3) unless you are personally acquainted with "most people of her convictions," it probably isn't wise to claim you know what kind of people they are. I don't mean you, personally, but the generic "you."
    no no i don't mean Christianity in general...i'd group Robin as one of those fanatical right wing people (and alarmingly there are A LOT in the US), and in any religion those fanatics tend to be full of hypocrisy

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    Re: Robin

    Case closed, Robin was just plain crazy......

    But she did make us laugh, especially with Eboni rolling her eyes at the camera when Robin was praying. That was a priceless moment.

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    Re: Robin

    yeah that was actually one of my top ten funniest moments on the show

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