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Thread: So Mattio - Does Adrianne Win?

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    So Mattio - Does Adrianne Win?

    Have you seen her since she returned? Has she returned home? Did she let anything slip?

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    She's been back

    Even if she did let something slip (WHICH SHE DIDN'T) I would not tell the whole world in this message board.

    The show was already taped, its not live, but I don't want to get anyone in trouble so I'm not going to say when she was gone and when she came back and etc. Just watch the show, we have 3 more weeks! YAH!

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    Hey. This is not the bachelor where they have to pony up 5 million dollars. We all know it was taped a while back. You know, like I do, that she did not win.

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    And why not? why would she not win, she has every chance as elyse and shannon if even more at winning. I think she has VERY good chances. Plus you're just saying that because I don't (and won't) give any information.

    And yes I've seen her, last time was like a week and a half ago.

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