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Thread: Next Week Speculation

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    Next Week Speculation

    From the UPN website - my comments in brackets:

    Elyse is outraged when she learns that the others are making what she insists are false assumptions about her private behavior. Will the others believe her or continue to talk behind her back?

    [the eating disorder discussion]

    At a revealing encounter, Kesse opens up about difficult circumstances at home that have made her want to win even more.

    [We haven't seen much from this girl...interesting]

    Two girls get the thrill of a lifetime when loved ones show up in the middle of a shoot, leading to a steamy make-out session between one girl and her ecstatic boyfriend! Who will the lucky girl be?

    [Wow, I am so curious about this one. Giselle?]

    In a tense judging session, several girls explain to the panel why certain other girls should be eliminated.

    [Not sure if this means they volunteered information or if they were asked who they thought should be eliminated.]
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    I think Kesse's father passed away a couple of years ago. I am from Arkansas (Memphis now, actually, I went to college in Arkansas) and there was a short article mentioning that. It might be a difficult topic for her to talk about.

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