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Thread: Ebony Talks Back (TV Guide Interview)

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    Ebony Talks Back (TV Guide Interview)

    Top Model's Ebony Talks Back!
    by Daniel R. Coleridge

    Ms. Tyra Banks hosts UPN's Top Model (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET), but the supermodel just voted off [is] the reality show's real star. That's Ebony, the sass-talkin' 24-year-old African-American lesbian. Praised for her looks, but rejected by Tyra as "too angry," this aspiring actress is more like too much fun, in our opinion. Here, she dishes with TV Guide Online on catfights, bad haircuts and intolerance.

    TV Guide Online: After the salon visit, you were mad about them shaving your head!

    Ebony: If Tyra wants to pay $1000 for a haircut that's not correct, that's on her. I didn't say anything, because it would be unprofessional. If you want me to wear a mohawk with polka dots, I will make it work!

    TVGO: Yes, but you definitely complained...

    Ebony: I complained later on, when I got home. Honey, I had to tell the public! I wasn't gonna let them totally get away with that. I knew black women everywhere must've been mad. [The stylists] didn't know what to do with black hair. I smiled and thought, "This must be joke. Would this really happen in a salon where I was paying $1000 to get a tiny trim on my hair?" (Laughs) They jacked up Robin, too. They had to dye her hair four times to get the right shade of brown!

    TVGO: When your girlfriend Ka visited the house, Robin and Shannon used religion to criticize your being gay. How did you feel?

    Ebony: That's what America's about. You can state your opinion, but it's about my life and me loving myself. A lot of the girls were immature. It was interesting seeing them want to be in the modeling industry, and yet totally publicize how they're so against gays! They're looking fierce because of the make-up artist, who is fierce himself and in the life.

    TVGO: Was anything lost in Top Model's editing that you'd want folks to know?

    Ebony: I told Robin, "My birthday is 7/7/78, honey. Three sevens is the gates to heaven. You look me in my eyes and tell me I'm not a creation from God." She couldn't say a word, honey. She basically gave me a hug and that was it. They don't show that stuff. But I know UPN needs to make money, so it's about drama. That's what plays.

    TVGO: Don't tell us you and Giselle are best pals, too! She was nasty to you.

    Ebony: Giselle? Oh God, honey. You guys didn't see the half of it. She was every bit of 18 years old. There were tears everyday because something was wrong. She's going through acne, so that's a big issue for her. But you didn't see that when Giselle had problems with the other girls or needed advice, she came to me crying. The other girls might not have been there for her like that, because it's a competition. I might be fierce and I might tell you about myself, but I'm not a mean person. I just like to spice things up, honey!

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    This interview totally gels with why she was eliminated for her attitude.

    If Ebony is griping about her treatment at a full salon, I can only imagine what she'd be like when minutes before a show, she's got three people working on her in an area the size of a closet.

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    Holy cow, that was a $1000 haircut? C'mere honey, I'll shave your head for $500!

    Ebony is the type that talks about "it's a free country" and it's okay for other people to have their own opinions, but then gets all worked up and stomps all over everyone around her anyway.

    Plus she seems to think that if she says something, it will true.

    "I'm a makeup artist." "I can sell a product." She said something about the runway too, then did it very poorly.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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