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Thread: How I knew Ebony was going to leave...

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    How I knew Ebony was going to leave...

    This might sound kinda obsessive, but I watched the intro to the show. They all showed pictures of the girls posing with the black football player, EXCEPT for Ebony, look at it for yourself.

    Shannon- Huge picture of her with her hands behind her back
    Adrianne- Running and jumping with him in the background
    Kesse- Dancing in front of him
    Elyse - Hanging off of him
    Robin- Crawling in front of him
    Giselle- Does a dance move in front of him

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    As I mentioned in another posting. The editing on this show gives the show away

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    Sure the editing gives it away ... if you are an obsessive fan who goes to the trouble to go through the opening frame by frame keeping track of who is in what kind of shot. (I just like to watch.) So based on the opening...who wins?:

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    I knew Ebony was out when my local Fox t.v. news station (in NYC) said at the half hour that they had the latest evictee from America's Next Top Model. I knew the only New Yorker was Ebony and since Fox has never had this teaser on previous episodes, I was well spoiled. That was a little irritating.

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    Deep Dish
    That's too bad, Abelard. Luckily I'm re-reading my just-taken chicken-scratch notes during commercials.

    (What's the record for hypens in one sentence?)

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