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Thread: America’s Next Top Model Recap 6/10

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    Awesome recap Deep Dish, and I hope those under cooked porkchops stayed with ya all night! lol

    Seconds later, intelligent Ebony is whining to Adrianne about this. Adrianne is about as interested in hearing this argument as J. Alexander is in judging Ga Donk Ga Donk contests.

    Now, the question of the day is... what's a Ga Donk Ga Donk contest.... lol ...

    Very well done DD, you certainly catch every detail & are great at portraying it!

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    I missed this episode. I really enjoyed the recap, great job DD. I think Robin and Shannon are hypocrites. They seem to have no problem interacting with openly gay people when it suits their purpose, but suddenly have a problem with a fellow contestant having a visit from her sigO. Did they think they would have to fight off advances from one or both? Or maybe they felt like they might witness something they didn't want to see. I don't see these 2 as being representative of all christians, just the ones who practice intolerance and bigotry. I hope neither one wins. I am rooting for Adrianne. She has guts and beauty and smarts. She always seems to be up for whatever is required and has a great attitude.

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    This was the first time i watched the show.
    Elyse is a doll!!!
    Gisell is giving Kelly Osbourne a run for spoiled brat.
    But the best line was with Robin's "Yes ma'am" and the director says that you can call me ma'am anytime.
    Once again the casting is great.
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    Originally posted by DancinGirlJ12

    I'm not undermining Christian ethics and teachings, I'm just saying that it's unChristianly of these girls to be so upfront and condescending to others who don't necessarily share their same views.
    Exactly! I've been really disappointed with Robin especially. However, a lot of people who claim to be the best Chrisitians are very condescending and unChristian in their behavior towards "sinners"... Thank goodness everyone "has to deal with their own sins" - Robin will certainly be dealing with hers!!

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    Giselle is really getting on my nerves. I know this sounds mean but I hope she goes next week.

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    However, a lot of people who claim to be the best Chrisitians are very condescending and unChristian in their behavior towards "sinners"
    I feel that... if people need to constantly remind you that THEY are Christian & have to put on "a show" to let everyone know how Christian they are..well I doubt their motivation behind being religious & I doubt how strongly they really believe if they would look into themselves...

    I've got religious of them is like Robin & Shannon, he pushes it in everyone's face & has to constantly remind everyone how Christian he is.... and he;s ALWAYS swinging in his beliefs... when he's in his Christian phase, it's usually because he's out to impress someone.

    I have other Christian friends who don't go around quoting the bible, but they are Christian in their actions & their beliefs and they don't have to shout it from the mountain tops.

    I dont know...I just think when people have to constantly remind you how prim and proper and religious they are, they've got other motivations in mind, religion is not necessarily their primary concern .....

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    great recap! had me cracking up while i was at work...and the people here already think i don't do anything--this site does nothing but add fuel to their suspicions

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    Again - a great recap! Makes the show so much more enjoyable to know I'm going to read a recap later!

    One thing =- if you didn't see the episode, it might not realize that the comments that Adrianne & Elyse said in support of Ebony & her girlfriend were made in "confessional". I thought it sucked that when Robyn & Shannon were spouting ignorant blather about sins (Robyn) and staring at Ebony in jaw-dropped horror (Shannon) everyone else was silent. Adrianne did have a "what smells bad in here" look on her face, but that was it. But they made up for it later by welcoming Ka in the house, while the Christian sub-category hid in their rooms.

    The only thing I can think is that Shannon & Robyn are probably conscious that all their friends, family & pastors are watching them at home, and they don't want to appear like they've turned heathen. How a self-proclaimed virgin waiting for her wedding night can justify appearing scantily clad in Stuff magazine is beyond me, anyhow.
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    Deep Dish
    Thanks to everyone so much for your comments!

    It sure is nice of you to intensely scrutinize so unselfishly these often barely dressed young aspiring models. Way to take one for the team!

    If I ever had dreams of becoming a supermodel, which at 5'4" is highly unlikely, I would not want to take this road to get there.
    Hmm, maybe we could work around that needed extra 5". Tell you what, I'll grab my Kodak 110 and we'll do some test shots. I'm thinking bikini shoot.

    And you know you love dance clubs, too!

    I'm so glad you caught this too! I was sitting there, watching the show last night and it completely sounded like "Jamie King" came from some other distant planet. I was like - "wait, what was that..???"
    That was as fake as the whale-jumping scene in Free Willy!

    Big thanks to shersidhe for posting pictures of the contestants and judges too!

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