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Thread: Episode 4 show discussion *spoilers*

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    Episode 4 show discussion *spoilers*

    Please keep all show discussion here until midnight Eastern! Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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    I was disappointed Giselle didn't get eliminated, but I think it will be next week.

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    Ok I can't wait to see how you re-cap this one, there was sooo much to make fun of this time!

    That former "super model" judge is such a wench! I just want to smack her! I guess she is getting something of an ego stroke from this but geeze lady, cool your jets because someone called you mamm! haha

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    UGH!!! That one judge and then Tyra going on and on about it not being a pagent!! Don't they know that in the south it is the way the children are raised to say "yes ma'am"?? I felt that both she and Tyra were going way overboard to be mean!

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    My predictions

    With only 6 left, it's getting easier to see who will be there at the end.

    First, I'm glad Ebony is gone. She would be fine as a cover model for some edgy underground megazines or stuff, but her attitude toward the rest of the bunch is hard to swallow. Ebony and Giselle are perfect opposite to each other - Ebony takes everything way too seriously whereas Giselle is a little pampered brad. When Ebony leaves, she complaints that the judges (Tera, specifically) do not see how happy she was being selected. Well, nobody does!

    Giselle has no self-confidence, nor work ethic. And I really don¡¯t think her TV commercial close-ups are that good. She should be next to go.

    Robin¡¯s "Holier and Holier Than Thou" attitude toward the gay and lesbian community means that even if she does win the competition, no one other than the Anti-Homosexual community would offer her any job. I wonder what the commercial director (the guest judge this week) would think of her if he knew about her intolerance toward ¡°his people¡±. Yes, he¡¯s the one who said he doesn¡¯t mind being called ¡°Ma¡¯am¡±. BTW, who else thinks Robin's head shot online looks a bit cross-eyed?

    Kesse has very little chance of winning, she may go far, but she looks way too much like Tera Banks for Tera to select her as the winner, if only to avoid being accused of selecting someone who looks just like herself.

    Elyse and Adrianne are my favourites. This is the first and only reality TV show I watch, and I watch it for no other reason than trying to catch a couple of boobie shots of these two. Adrianne is indeed a ¡°tough broad¡±, but her Tom-Boyish demeanour and strong Chicago accent limit her appeal, especially on TV commercials.

    Elyse was the one that first attracted me to the program. She¡¯s smart, intelligent, adaptable, just a little bitchy and best of all, an atheist (I wish I¡¯d meet someone just like her when I was younger. Actually, I did, but she dumped my ass, not surprisingly). But she¡¯s also way too thin, shy on camera and I have a gut feeling that she will be very uncomfortable posing sexy shots with half-naked male models. The previews tell a lot, sometimes too much. The preview of Episode 3 shows tension between Nicole and her asshole boyfriend, and surely she was eliminated on E3; the preview of E4 shows a fight between Ebony and Giselle, and surely they were the bottom two of E4 and Ebony was eliminated. The preview of E5 shows Elyse struggling with her possible anorexia, and it seems logical to conclude that she will be the next to be eliminated. Which also means that I will stop watching this show entirely, and will only go online to check out who¡¯s the last one standing.

    Which leaves Shannon as the most likely choice to win. Sure, nothing she does is spectacularly good or bad, but that plainness may also indicate that she¡¯s the most versatile and may have a broader appeal than the rest. Her blondness is also more American than the rest.

    So even Shannon is not even on my list of favourites, I¡¯m betting on her to be the winner this season.
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    Just a thought:

    Robin and Shannon whined about homosexuals -- does it escape their attention that the Runway Diva Dude with the awesome legs told Elyse he had a boyfriend?

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    well I wish someone would eliminate that judge who by the way is old but can't get over the fact that Robin is 26. I also don't like the way the Tyra agrees with the comments the judge to her right makes about the aspiring models. Someone needs to tell that judge to get the chip off of her shoulder before she can judge if someone else has an edgy personality.

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    I watched this show sort of by accident last night (or at least I didn't intend to watch beforehand), and, while I thought it was utterly forgettable, two things struck me. #1) "Yes ma'am, No ma'am, Yes sir, No sir" - This is a sign of freaking respect, for crying out loud. I'm thinking that it's just more likely that the "former supermodel" is having a hard time dealing with getting older. Pffft. Whatever. #2) Adrienne? Okay, granted, I like this girl. And granted, I'm not FROM Chicago and I haven't lived here all that long. But I have NEVER heard anyone here speak the way she does. She sounds like she has a full mouth of mashed potatoes constantly. Elocution lessons, stat.

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    I was so surprised to see Ebony leave last night. In several of her confessionals her hair had grown out quite a bit, so I knew they weren't from that episode, and I didn't think she sounded negetive enough to have gotten the boot. Oh well, wrong again. I wasn't sorry to see her go, because her attitude is really annoying. I hate the way she yells other people down, and then thinks she "won" the argument. But as far as modeling goes, I thought her face was so much more memorable than Giselle's. And Giselle bugs me to no end, lazy, conceited, whiney little princess. Did I mention lazy? And she just doesn't have "it" in her photos (IMO), not memorable.

    Was it just me and my sis, or did anyone else laugh out loud when she fell down trying to do a dance move on the acting stage?

    I think it's funny that Tyra and the judges are so worried about her self-esteem, just because she didn't like the one photo that they all liked (or pretended to like--the "artist" was sitting right next to them, it's not like they can say "Yeah, hey that one is pure crap!")(I didn't like the picture either--thought it was by far the ugliest in the group, and the ugliest we've seen of her so far.). I think they should be more worried about her ego and work ethic. I hope she goes next week.

    I'll be happy as long as Adrianne, Elyse, Kesse, and Shannon get to stay. I really am hoping for an Adrianne/Elyse final two.
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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by firegirl
    Ok I can't wait to see how you re-cap this one, there was sooo much to make fun of this time!
    I could hardly keep up, firegirl!

    It was tons of fun.

    Everyone's got great comments on this spoiler thread. I'm glad to see more and more people are watching the show!

    firestone and intrst, welcome aboard.

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