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I have a sickening feeling that Laura is going to win this simply because she's an American. The reasons I mentioned above - that she has trouble booking at go-sees and has even been fired, really should've ousted her tonight. They also went on about how she is struggling and has to get a medic or ambulance to check her out. Usually you know if this happens it means that the person has a huge turn around and wins the challenge.

Let's put it this way - WORRY if Sophie says "I was runner-up in my season of 'Britain's Next Top Model' and I would hate to have this happen again." We had a similar situation last season with Allison and we saw what happened.

Personally - I feel Sophie has the complete package and if the CW or whomever has the power to keep the show on elects to have Laura win (barring a complete disaster from Sophie), then they may as well say season 20 is the last season because this will scream more rigged - at least our POV - than even Saleshia's win IMHO.