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Thread: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock View Post
    Seriously, I'm not surprised. From what I saw, Shannon too didn't get in the bathtub that much, and supposedly her photo is better than Biannca's?

    Kayla, yeah, sure she had a bad photo, but SHANNON's blah photo wins out just because she got into a bathtub once at a shoot? (I wonder if she'd done this had Robyn in Cycle 1 just did a single nude photo, even if it was bad? - That's the only reason that Shannon survived that nude ad with diamonds - she lucked out Robyn also didn't want to drop her clothes for the shot. And relooking that cycle - at the time Robyn and Shannon actually had equal porfolios save possibly the snake photo).

    Sorry... if that screams that Tyra is trying to let Shannon win after regretting letting Adrienne win I don't know what does. Well that or Lisa because everyone knew that she'd get in the bathtub for that contest.

    And honestly, if Biannca was getting jobs, I feel like Tyra was editing her to harm her chances post show (I hope not - because even with her attitude at times, she does take better photos than most of these models).

    I'm hoping Allison or Laura win because they're good and both could get jobs post show.

    I have a feeling it'll be Shannon, Lisa or Alexandra in that order. I'm not a huge fan of Dominique or Angelea (at times, she's warmed to me), but I'd feel they would be better winners with their overall photos.
    I wasn't impressed with Shannon the first time and I don't like her any more now.

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    Some weirds thing going on behind the same with this cycle. I think they already know who they want and are sabottaging the others

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    Okay, I fully expected Bianca was gong to squeak by narrowly by having the best photo of the three-- and because it looked like there'd be big drama with Lisa next week if she'd stayed in.

    And I am stunned they kept Shannon in with that photo. She clearly had no idea who she was supposed to be portraying-- and even said so during the shoot-- her face was tense and her jaw was jutting forward, and her hand was casting a shadow over her face. This would've ordinarily been a reject photo by any normal standards, and the fact that it was allegedly her "best shot" says lots.

    And the fact that Tyra and the panel didn't say anything about that shadow on her face says even more. Shannon's clearly being kept in past her sell-by date, and it's hard to figure out why.

    She's a beautiful woman, but not a particularly creative or memorable model. She reeks of "catalog" to me. And when you add in the fact that this cycle's winner has got to talk to celebrities on TV-- uh, no.

    I'm sorry, but Shannon has a weird voice. She sounds like she needs a lozenge all the time (and, yes, I know she really can't help it); I could be mistaken, but I believe they called her out on her voice in C1, the way they did Adrienne.

    Add to this the fact that she refuses to deal with anything she's not comfortable with, and I just don't see her as a good fit for a TV gig.

    (Speaking of things Shannon's not comfortable with, let me address one point that's been made here a couple of times about C1. Robyn and Shannon both refused to do the nude diamonds shoot; the reason Robyn got eliminated is that she got caught by Tyra flashing her breasts at Jay Manuel while claiming she was too much of a Christian to pose nude.

    When C1 first aired, I thought Shannon might've just been young and following Robyn's lead, but the refusal to wear the chosen wardrobe in the first photo shoot of this cycle proved it was her own limitations at work.)

    Also, I hated seeing Kayla go, but I guess she's had too many falters to stay in past this point. A shame, because I think she's taken some really good photos and has more potential than she showed here.

    And the selection of this week's photo shoot-- Snooki? Nene? Oh well, I guess it just proves what I said earlier about it's now all about finding America's Next Top Reality Show Skank.
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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    I just watched it. I thought that they sure are spending a lot of time on Bianca. Is she going? And sure enough.

    Bianca is gorgeous. Gorgeous teeth, smile, skinand body. She has a Naomi vibe to her. Bitch has done well through the years. If Bianca keeps smiling and does not hit anyone, she will melt men and employers alike.

    Bianca because if the reality show fAme has not paid her dues like a model does. She did not know that nobody cares about her/your opinion. Do not take it personally. They do not care about my opinion either, and look at what a genius I am . So pay you dues dear heart.

    Shannon's wisdom shows on her youthful face. One should not rely on sexualized displays because everybody has parts. You become not special. Shannon is special and real. Yay Shannon. (agrees about the not so great voice....but hey, we tolerate Heidi Klum).

    Kayla is do beautiful. Nooooo. Boo. Hooo.

    Have a great day.
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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    And Old Kathy in there looking for material. Tyra fixed her fat ass. Too bad Kathy.

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by KinmokuPrincess View Post
    Yeah it was a double elimination! I was surprised both of them went... I knew Bianca's attitude about the perfume bathtub attitude was gonna effect the results...but i didnt expect her to get eliminated lol

    In my opinion, it should've been Shannon and Alexandria.
    I completely agree that Shannon and Alexandria should have gone home! I am going to hope now that they are the next two to go.

    This whole Snookie/Nene photo shoot was dumb. I watch quite a bit of TV, but I have never watched Jersey Shore and the only reason I have watched a few episodes of TRHW of Atlanta is because we had a relative staying with us that really liked it. I don't see the appeal, and I don't quite get why these girls had to portray one of these two women. When they first discussed the shoot I thought they would get to come up with their own idea of a reality star they wanted to embody, and Snookie/Nene were just a suggestion of the kind of personality they should work with.

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    I loved Lisa and Laura, I dont much care about the others. Bianca's voice drives me crazy, but I have never been a fan of hers she's too needy Allison can go anytime, too weird for me. Alexandria, boorrring

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    I actually liked Shannon's photo. It was very rocker chick for me though I guess that didn't fit with the "theme" of the photoshoot.
    Bianca kept going on about how she is a working model, and I'm not disputing that, but I've honestly never seen her in anything so how successful exactly is she? If she was that successful would she have come back for the show? She's beautiful, great figure etc but she should have gotten in the tub...it was not that big a deal. Does she get into disputes with her clients as well, going on about how she shouldn't wear a dress because it doesn't suit her or something?
    Lisa's coasting on personality at this point. I'm surprised she has lasted this long.
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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    I've read some interviews from the eliminated models that what they were promised and what we're seeing are two differen things. Somehow I have this feeling that Bianca was one of those who fell under that lure and when she saw them needing her to do this - which I have to admit the bathtub really doesn't have anything to do with perfume and some were cavorting in an overly sexual or unladylike (like Lisa's pic with the mouth full), she didn't want to do anymore to further Tyra's ratings. This of course makes her look bad when she's edited in a negative light for standing up for what she believes in.

    I have seen Bianca's work post her first season - and yes, she's had decent work in spreads and the like. This happened after she got her long hair back instead of that bald type look. She is one of those I felt was rooked her first (and honestly right now second) time on the show (especially first when you have Saleshia win, and she pretty much proved to us that she won based on her going to Tyra's camp). She is someone though who has worked through that negative light and ended up getting jobs. I think she can do it again, but it will be a bit difficult long term because of this episode.

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    Okay Tyra, why would you eliminate the only true model of the bunch and keep two of the oldest looking models around? Does Lisa have pictures on you that you don't want us to see? Lisa, Shannon and Domiquie look over fifty. I see crows feet, wrinkle lines around the lips, etc. I will never see Lisa has a top model because she doesn't take herself seriously and can only do comedy. Now she would make a good VJ on MTV.

    Now Bianca, I soo agree with you about sitting in a bathtub of water to sell perfume that was stupid and was taken a back when Tyra voiced her opinion about it, yet Shannon did the same thing and is still there. Talk about your double standards.

    I am now rooting for Angelia because despite her attitude the girls has legs for days and can model. I've seen her on the catwalk and the girl can strut her stuff. I am also rooting her Laura because I believe she has the total package.

    Now, Eva Diva I love you but I am not feeling the white blond hair. It's making you look too old.

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