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Thread: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    This season isn't all that exciting. While I like seeing some of the past contestants again, seeing them in this setting isn't that interesting. What made ANTM interesting in the past, was taking (for the most part) inexperienced gals and watching them grow into models. All of these contestants have been there and done that. So while they are critiqued each week, they aren't really growing from it because they know what they need to do. I think it is more interesting seeing some of the past favorites in a talk show setting, in my opinion.

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    Who sends someone on a reality show bills? It's not like she has her chequebook, or access to a computer, to pay them. You would have thought she would have arranged with someone to receive/handle/pay her bills in her absence (or not, as the case may be). That made no sense to me.
    I thought the photoshoot this week was overall well done. Not really thrilled with the concept of next week's photoshoot but, again, some of the pictures are well done.
    If Bianca was such a model (the only one there, you know) why would she need to be on the show again? Um, ok. Stick it, girl.
    Laura is still a sweetheart. Wanda Sue should get a fashion line. Maybe she could go on Project Runway.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by SurrnderDorothy View Post

    It seems like just yesterday that there'd be a flock of posters in here giving running commentary on the show as it aired. Now we can't even muster enough interest to make more than a comment or two after the show airs.

    Is ANTM really that over with? Or did FORT just take too much time away from it for there to be any sort of community here?

    The only surprise last night was not that Camille went home over Lisa-- Lisa has too much drama potential, while Camille has been trying too hard to overcome the real reason they brought her back. What surprised me is that I actually wound up feeling sorry for Camille after seeing her open her "care package" to reveal a pile of bills forwarded to her that she said she was struggling to pay.

    Even though I didn't think she had any hope of winning, at that point I was hoping they'd at least set up a nice prize she could win that would help her out a little.
    I missed the care package part (was late to being able to turn it on). Poor thing. :-(

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    Please send Lisa home. All her excuses were pitiful.
    To me, she is a little too bratty and is starting to look old (for a model).
    Congrats to Bre on winning the TV role challenge - she did an excellent job!

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    Re: Cycle 17 Will Be an All-Star Edition **POSSIBLE SPOILERS**

    Well, it didn't take long for the old Bianca to come out, did it? She's got one helluva big chip on her shoulder. Yes, Shannon overreacted and Lisa needs to butt the hell out of things that aren't her business, but Bianca took it all to a whole 'nother level. She badmouths Shannon and Lisa and then flips out when they react. She's clearly very insecure.

    I wish it had been a double elimination instead of a double non elimination. I could do without Angelea AND Lisa. Speaking of Angelea, I've been noticing over the last few weeks how bad her skin is. Why isn't Tyra sending her to a dermatologist?
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    I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"

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    Re: Cycle 17 Will Be an All-Star Edition **POSSIBLE SPOILERS**

    I feel asleep just at the end. No elimination, hmmmm. Did she say there would be a double next week?

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    Re: Cycle 17 Will Be an All-Star Edition **POSSIBLE SPOILERS**

    I thought Bianca and Lisa would be bottom two with Bianca going home. Personally, I liked Lisa's picture but the one judge sure seemed to hate it. She didn't get to pick her best picture. During the shoot, we saw her doing all kinds of poses. It's hardly her fault if the picture picked as her best one just happens to be the one where she's doing the splits again.

    I hated the way Bianca acted and Bre was being a little s***-stirrer. Why did she have to go run to Bianca while the other girls were in the kitchen and try to stir up trouble?? None of the girls were forming a coalition to get her out, as Bre put it. They said IF Bianca didn't want to be there anymore, she should go home. They weren't plotting something against her to take her out! Sheee!

    Hard to believe grown women acting so immature.

    BTW, I'm not a Kardashian fan. I never even heard of them until Kim Kardashian was on Dancing With the Stars. Still don't think much of them.
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    Re: Cycle 17 Will Be an All-Star Edition **POSSIBLE SPOILERS**

    I thought Bianca and Lisa would be bottom two with Bianca going home. Personally, I liked Lisa's picture but the one judge sure seemed to hate it. She didn't get to pick her best picture. During the shoot, we saw her doing all kinds of poses. It's hardly her fault if the picture picked as her best one just happens to be the one where she's doing the splits again.
    I totally agree with this, but it's why I thought Lisa was being set up to go home rather than Bianca. Lisa clearly was doing more than this during the shoot-- really putting a lot into it-- and this is the "best shot" chosen to represent her for judging. Um, yeah. Right.

    This happens WAY too often on ANTM: they show a model doing a lot of creative poses that should produce a variety of good shots to pick from, but instead we're told that the dud shot they produce at panel is their "best" photo-- or even worse, their only usable photo.

    And it's so clearly bogus-- if the stuff we're seeing a model doing during the photo shoot (frequently with Jay Manuel or the photographer/other guest professional reacting positively) isn't coming across on film, it's the [b]photographer's[b] fault, not the model's.

    Even if the model's moving too much for the camera to follow, or losing the light, etc., the photographer should be able to spot this and call it to the model's attention. I mean, c'mon-- with digital photography, it's not like the photographer has to wait for the film to come back from processing to realize that only one or two shots he took were in focus or properly lit.

    And Andre Leon Talley reacting to Lisa's hand over her crotch is pathetic. Hello? Michael Jackson never touched his crotch???

    (*sigh*) Okay... exiting rant mode...

    So, after the reaction to Lisa's quirky attire followed by the dud shot, it seemed obvious to me that Lisa was being sent home and Shannon was being left alone to be devoured by the wolves-- erm, verbally accosted by Bianca and Bre.

    But then when Tyra made a big deal out of noting that LaToya had chosen not only the top photo but the entire order from top to bottom, I knew that nobody was going home-- unless they announced they wanted to go home and clicked their heels together three times and chanted, "There's no place like Celebrity Rehab... there's no place like Celebrity Rehab..."

    Also, I loved the way that when LaToya did the big "invocation of the loving spirit of Michael" moment, the huggy shot of her with MJ showed her original nose. (Or maybe just a previous nose, but definitely not the one she wore to panel.)

    So now we get everybody left in place to create more drama for next week. And unfortunately, probably the only good guest they'll have this cycle will take a back seat to the catfighting.

    Why, why, why, couldn't they have had Coco Rocha on while it was still "elevated"? (*sigh*)

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    I would be willing to bet the "aging" we see in Lisa is due in large part to her smoking addiction. She looks remarkably similar to a friend of mine (also a smoker). That puckering motion made during each drag of a cigarette eventually catch up to your face.
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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    Really dissapointing season

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