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Thread: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    After I posted this, my viewing partner pointed out that Shannon had mentioned her agent when she was resisting posing in "underwear or anything that even looks like underwear". So I guess having an agent at the time of shooting the cycle isn't a deal-breaker in an "All-Stars" cycle.

    On the other hand, maybe the requirement was that you had to disclose in detail any representation you had at the time of shooting-- and Angelea failed to do this because she didn't think of Kaback as her "agent."

    It could be as she saw her relationship with Kaback at the time she signed the ANTM contracts as "two girlfriends just helping each other out," not "model/agent," and Kaback wound up putting herself more and more in the picture as the cycle progressed, to the extent that the CW legal team decided they had to DQ Angelea.

    In one interview, Jeff Cohen described Angelea's relationship with Kaback as a "freelance model" working with a "freelance agent," and implied that Kaback didn't represent Angelea as much as she was claiming to, supposedly not even contacting her before announcing that Angelea was doing a Dec. 9 press conference.

    So even if the models in C17 were allowed to have agents, Angelea's DQ still may have been agent-related-- due to failure to disclose or due to a perceived future problem with this particular agent.

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    Re: ANTM All-Stars Show Discussion Thread

    That is interesting...I don't think it was having "an" agent ...As you said about Shannon, these girls are all working and would have some kind of representation but maybe the mess she made in being represented by conflicting agencies was the problem. The silence continues to be mysterious.

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