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Thread: Alexandria - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

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    Re: Alexandria - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

    I think duckyface nailed a lot of what the issues with Alexandria were, but I'd add that in addition to "mothering" the other girls in the house to the extent that it came off the wrong way, she went to shoots and began telling the professionals how to do their jobs better. On one of the shoots, she was even told by the guest professional that if she did that "in the real world" she'd get fired on the spot.

    Yet she kept doing it week after week and kept staying in while other girls went home, so when she won a challenge where they were looking for a "role model", Brittani snapped and went off on her on the modeling set in front of Nigel.

    This resulted in Brittani getting one of the biggest smackdowns from Tyra in quite a while, telling her that she was only saved from elimination because the other judges outvoted her, and that she wasn't sure how--or if-- she could redeem herself in her eyes. (And of course, after milking that for a few weeks, Tyra "got over it" and Brittani won.)

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    Re: Alexandria - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

    I like Alexandria much better this time around. Lisa seems to be taking on the witch role this season. And I must say I think Alexandria's new shorter haircut looks sooo much better on her than those long limp locks that she had. I agree she tends to photo "old"... so I don't think she will win, but I would guess she will be around for a while.
    I'm glad she has toned down a bit since the last time she was on.

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    Re: Alexandria - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

    Would could have almost forgotten Alexandria was on the show going by just this last episode. Don't remember seeing her front and center for anything other than her own judging. She's not nearly as obnoxious when she doesn't speak!
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