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Thread: Sheena - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

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    Sheena - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

    Name: Sheena Sakai
    Age: 24
    Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Current Location: Harlem, New York
    Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 21 (cycle 11)

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    Re: Sheena - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

    I'm glad she's back. Hopefully, she's learned some things on poses. Though I do wish the Indian woman came back.
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    Re: Sheena - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

    I agree - the episode that Sheena was eliminated on she had been making improvements to not be sexy, then the photoshoot on the boat... she had a few positions that were too questionable.

    That said, I don't think we'd seen Anchal though - I think her just basically giving up her season wouldn't have put her in a favorable light post show. (Then again, she could've been asked and she turned down because she'd be afraid she'd be seen as the plus sized contestant, and she was very self-conscious in this area).

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    Re: Sheena - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

    Plus isn't Anchal busy dating Jim Carrey? Probably doesn't want to give up that paycheque (I'm so mean).
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    Re: Sheena - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

    I hope she goes further this time. But I can't help hear Mr. J yell, "Hooch" everytime I see her.

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    Re: Sheena - ANTM All-Stars (Cycle 17)

    Oh, I liked this one. She was kind of fun. I like her dress in this pic, too...the shoes not so much.
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