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Thread: Leaked Photos Discussion (spoilers)

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    Re: Leaked Photos Discussion (spoilers)

    I've seen this week's photos, and have to say that I like Kasia's and Brittany's. They also however have closeups compared to the other three. Kasia has a bit of a mean face, but that is more because of the way she's styled IMHO.

    Do not get Alexandria's pose or the other three. I also feel that they should've kept Jaclyn even more now than before seeing a couple of the final shots.

    The idea and execution of this one is simple, but I like it. It's reminiscent of the elephant one in "Thailand."

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    Re: Leaked Photos Discussion (spoilers)

    I actually like Alexandria's pic. The site I saw them on didn't have close ups, so my opinion may change, but I wasn't that hot on Brittani's and I think the judges might not like Kasia's pose because she's hiding a lot of the clothing. My guess (which I'm sure will be wrong!) is that either Hannah or Molly go this week.

    I rarely agree with the judges anymore, so they'll probably hate Alex and like Kasia. I've given up trying to figure out their taste, 'cause really, what do I know? Still, there are plenty of former contestants who've gone on to have more successful than the winners, so what do the judges really know either!?
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