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Thread: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Wow, the silence here is deafening...

    Gotta say, I may not stick with this very long. Even for Tyrant, this introduction was obnoxious (its apparently not just about "rejection", but with those ridiculous bubbles on a plank its also about mortifying failure). And a LOT of Miss Tyrant being "chatty" with us, her captive audience. I hate Tyrant in that mode--she's not "keeping it real", she's just doubly fake.

    Only two black girls this time around, one Hispanic girl (now zero), and one mixed-race, so I guess we know where this one is probably headed.

    Jaclyn is a kick though. I heard that "what if they can't get the bubble open and I'm trapped in it for the rest of my life" comment and howled with laughter. Continued when Russell James and his ridiculous hair walked out.

    And ick. Aunt Leon is back. Why? WHY?
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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Russell James does look ridiculous but my god can that man take a photo. I love his black and whites and he has taken some of my all time favorite photos of Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kelly. I find it interesting that she can get photographers of his caliber onto this show when it's painfully clear that she's given up on it.

    Back to the show....I saw spoilers of those bubbles and knew I didn't even want to watch this episode and why should I when the photos were leaked earlier this week along with who went home? Last season the same thing happened, we knew the winner weeks before she was announced because it was leaked by a major player. Why is Tyra even doing this show anymore if she cares so little about it and what makes her think we will care if she doesn't?

    I knew with it going up against AI that not many would be watching but only one post? Wow.....lol.
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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    One thing I was wondering from the beginning of the show... So the Jays handed out a bunch of envelopes to give the top 14 the impression that they were being rejected, and then the rest of the girls thought they were moving on. Were those other girls actresses or something? Or did they joyfully go into the next room and get a speech like "oh hey, just kidding, you guys are cut, we wanted to see how the real finalists handled rejection, sorry to get your hopes up." Unless they were in on it, that was just plain mean. And then bubbles on a 12" wide platform over water? I do believe Tyra is a sadist.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    That had to be the absolutely dumbest runway show EVER!

    And I also wondered what happened to the other girls.
    Not sure if I will stick it out all season or not. Might be time for Tyra to pack her bags and go home.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Love the new format of the show. I like Domique. She kind of looks like Chris from last season. The Southern Belle girl from Texas is another one of my favorites. Love love love Tyra's new hair cut. The style is fierce. Looking forward to next week. This show is my only outlet on Wednesdays along with Modern Family.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I have to echo previous comments. What on earth happened to those girls they said were moving on to the next level, but really weren't? Unless they were actresses, that just seems mean.

    At the beginning Tyra was talking about telling the girls they were rejected because "that's what happens in the real modeling world". So where in the "real modeling world" do they walk down a 12 inch runway over water in a giant plastic bubble? I certainly wouldn't call myself a fashion world expert, but I would still have to say NOWHERE!

    I like that they got rid of all the casting stuff, I didn't miss it at all. I am curious to see how makeovers will go, so I will keep watching at least to that point. My early favs are the girl with the freckles, the southern girl with the curly hair, and the girl who won the first photo call out at judging. I do not like that Alexandria girl. Her photo was great, but her personality stinks. I'm hoping her personality improves so I can like her, or her photos decline so she can get eliminated.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Simply put:

    1. The photos were excellent, even the one who was eliminated. Much better photographers, but I do think it's too little too late for this show.

    2. The runway was not only stupid, but dangerous. I'm surprised none of the models ended up knocking themselves out if they fell and nearly struck the beam they were walking along.

    Just like that, I'm nearly done with this show - especially since it's up against "Survivor" (which there too I've about had enough with the gimmicks, though I do adore Rob and seeing him mature).

    I'll post - don't worry, but I am starting to miss the more fun days of the show when Tyra actually was TRYra and had some nice photoshoots (i.e. first 2-4 seasons).

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Not sure if I'll keep watching this show. It's the same old goofy stuff and too many WTF moments.
    I thought it was mean to make these girls think they didn't make the cut when they really did. The plastic bubble was stupid, I was surprised more girls didn't wipe out.
    There are some pretty girls this time, I just hope Tyra doesn't mess up their natural beauty with her weird makeovers.
    Of course the girl who was voted off I thought was gorgeous and the girl they kept had a bad attitude and IMO was not pretty at all. But this is how this show rolls. I agree with the poster who said maybe Tyra should pack her bags and go home. I think this show has run its course.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    The girls who got the fake acceptance must have been hired to play that role, absolutely. What a horrible thing to do otherwise.

    I am always surprised at some of the girls they put on this show. The one I pegged to be eliminated (her face was barely visible and her mouth was labled a cats bottom by Nigel) is really not attractive and didn't seem to photograph very well either.

    And yes, walking in that bubble is an odd challenge especially so early in the game when no one had mastered their walk. I guess it is difficult to come up with interesting challenges instead of relying on the same old stuff.

    I watch this show with liberal use of FF. It isn't one of my favorites but it has that train wreck appeal that so many of them do.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I made it a point of missing the first part of the show. Don't like that they did that, even IF the eliminated girls were in on it. Cruel and I don't need that added to a show based on rejection. Whitney commented on the show and mentioned she saw the bubble walk during a full-figured (or something like that) fashion event. She thought it was silly there, but on water with tape on the bubble and silly confetti so you couldn't see the clothes? Doubly so. She also thought the casting stunt was cruel and not necessary.

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