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Thread: ANTM Cycle 20: Guys & Girls Episode Discussion Thread

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 20: Guys & Girls Episode Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by SurrnderDorothy View Post
    But I saw exactly the opposite-- the "gender switch" commercial where all the guys had to do drag, the self-directed team shoot in the field (where Phil broke the fence) where all the clothes were women's clothes, the nails shoot, the "animals" shoot with the face painting, the "bat" shoot (and a couple of other shoots or challenges) where they basically put him in a dress. Not to mention removing his eyebrows with bleach before they went to Bali.

    It seemed to me like they were doing everything they could to accommodate Corey's androgyny, to the detriment of the other male models. As far as I saw it, it wasn't until the last couple of shoots that they really honed in on being versatile (I think they touched on it once or twice before, but were praising him for reading "manly" in the male/female-paired photos).
    I personally don't think they do those things for Cory only so he can do well and get further in the competition. To the contrary, the more chance Cory be able to show his feminine side, the more criticism he got, I just don't think it's a good thing for him with him already labeled femmy-gay in his forehead.

    I think it's more like they're still stuck in the mindset of making a cycle with all female contestants and lack of creativity, which is disappointing because we had cycles with episodes that male models were needed in photoshooting, then finally ANTM has male contestants of their own and the best they can do is switching gender character, doing drag queen and tomboy? It really makes me questioning the knowledge of theirs of male modeling industry. Male models don't sell nail polish, they don't sell flowy dresses. They sell suits, jeans, underwear, men clothing accessories... I don't wanna sound like a know-it-all but seriouly? How can they cast male models without designing proper challenges/photoshoot theme for them?
    Since the first cycle of boys and girls was awful, I predict they will do it again next season for some redemption.
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    Re: ANTM Cycle 20: Guys & Girls Episode Discussion Thread

    Originally Posted by lilymax

    [i]What was this about an announcement by Tyra? do you mean the one where she says there will be an elimination down to two finalists? I didn't hear her make any other announcements.[i]
    Assuming this question was intended for me-- yes, that's what I was referring to. The preview the previous week showed her backstage at the final runway starting to make a last-minute announcement that cuts to Jourdan's stunned reaction.

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 20: Guys & Girls Episode Discussion Thread

    I have seen some dumb runway shows on this show, but this finale may take the cake. There were no walking gimmicks, but the entire runway show was so completely manufactured! They harp on these models every week about how everything is supposed to "be about the clothes". This runway show was about everything BUT the clothes. It was about Tyra, her message video (which she bizarrely aimed only at American girls), the "story" of the video, all of the other contestants this season, and people in the audience holding signs and rooting for contestants.

    I thought Jourdan did take better pics through the season, but I would have preferred having Marvin win because his look was more interesting and I just liked him better. It's not that Jourdan was completely unlikable, but did we know ANYTHING about her other than she used to be in an abusive relationship!?

    This whole season was on big MEH. My hope for next season: bring back guys, but did the social media piece. I'm not going to hold my breath...
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    Re: ANTM Cycle 20: Guys & Girls Episode Discussion Thread

    I would really like to see an all-male season soon.
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