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Thread: Nastasia - Cycle 19

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    Nastasia - Cycle 19

    Name: Nastasia
    Age: 19
    Hometown: East Stroudsburg, PA
    Occupation: Student/Sales Associate
    Last School or College: East Stroudsburg University
    Height: Height: 5'8 ¼"
    Favorite Movie: The Notebook
    Favorite Magazine: Harper’s Bazaar
    Favorite Food: Potatoes

    America's Next Top Model Cast | Bios | Nastasia

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    Re: Nastasia - Cycle 19

    She's very striking and another frontrunner. I noticed her immediately. She sticks out and has the distinctive hair and face. I wonder if they will give her a makeover where her hair is chopped off, just to see if she can work it just using her face. It'd be a shame...

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