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Going by this, the final three would be a combination of Catherine, Sophie and Alisha. These three have had consistent notes and critiques, and all three have either been close to the bottom (S and A have been in bottom three at least once) or in the bottom two (Catherine, though here it was more because of the runway than photo).

Annaliese is a sweet girl but she hasn't had a lot of critiques and worse, she tends to not follow them.

Laura has been nearly perfect all the time so this doesn't fit her.

Ebony would fit in this mix, but I think she's not going to win, and out of the two Americans, if Tyra takes this show seriously, Laura is the stronger of the two. To have Ebony win probably would just further hurt her show.

Personally, I'd love a combination of any of the three UK girls I listed particularly, but wouldn't be upset if Laura is one of the final two just because she would do very well in the areas listed