I also hope it is Leila but I don't think it will happen.

Why not? because the girls on the show get way more attention so maybe in a few weeks, a popular girl go's out, because they have gotten to know her more, people will vote for her.
By the way. not a good photo of Leila, that last shot. or am I wrong and expect too much? i hope so

Jessie's photo is horrible. Yvonne's legs look huge. Darian's shot is the best one of the exiled girls.

There is a tv show where you see what the exiled girls do? I can't watch it alas.

ETA: I hate the scoring of this season. They pretend the fans have all the power but it was because of the judges very low scores, that Leila had to go.
Best photo this week Natasia? Look at her face. She does not look ugly pretty as Tara always says, but ugly.