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Thread: 8/01/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers!**

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    8/01/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers!**

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode in this thread only until midnight, ET. Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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    Re: 8/01/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers!**

    I wish Sharon would of stayed. Would of been awesome had she showed everyone up and won.

    I love how she kept repeating she is a "natural born leader" and "whatever she says goes because she has been in this business for 25 years." Don't tell her to shut the "eff" up because those are fighting words hunny. Entertainment she was.

    Gwen was robbed of the individual win. She seemed to be behind the brains of everything. That dude that won is one a huge powertrip. For lacking experience, she really is proving to be the best one there. She was the person who basically made her team win the last 2 times.

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    Re: 8/01/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers!**

    This show would be a lot better if it were about people who handle cabbages, radishes, turnips, and such.

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