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Thread: 7/25/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers!**

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    Re: 7/25/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers!**

    Sharon can't find a guy? Why am I not surprised?

    I don't know how they picked a winner, all 3 projects were terrible. I wouldn't want to watch a weekly show based on those ideas, never mind buy one if I was a network executive. So, a former contestant on a lower level reality show is considered a celebrity?

    I wish they would focus more on the actual work, and less on the bitching teammates and whiny confessionals. A little of that is fine, but when it happens in every segment it makes me hate them all.

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    Re: 7/25/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers!**

    Whats the difference between a producer and a director? I find this show more enjoyable to watch than On The Lot, maybe its the format and the contestants?

    Anyways, finally got around to watching my recorded shows and right off the bat I wanted to slap Sharon and Vo. Just line them up right next to each other and slap slap. That "I'm the leader" crap got old after the first time she said it. And Vo? Is a mean bully... all that crap about being so experienced that he is better than the others (paraphrased). Well buddy, if you are all that then why are you on a reality show instead of actually being a famous producer? I rest my case.

    All of them were horrible. If I were the woman from Y&R I would be offended that they automatically assumed I was some sort of diva and tried to spin it that way. She isn't. And the PR winner? What a way to ruin a good idea. That team did do the worst, although I would have loved it if Vo's team had lost just so he could go home. Not sure I can watch another episode with him in it, I dislike him that much.

    Sharon's team? Was bad... really really bad. But they had an ok idea so I guess they came out on top of the others by a hair.

    All that being said? I still liked the show and I will fast forward past any part with Vo in it till he is gone.

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