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Production Job Descriptions

What is a producer?
TV Guide Network’s 2007 summer series, AMERICA’S NEXT PRODUCER, will give viewers a better understanding and appreciation for this alluring craft. The role of a producer can take on many different meanings, and there is a broad range of supporting production roles that contribute to the creation of a TV show. Provided below is a list of production roles and responsibilities behind-the-camera, many of which go unseen.

Line Producer: Responsible for managing every person and issue during the making of a television show and reporting to the producer.

Production Manager: An executive who is responsible to the producer for the administration of a show.

Assistant Director: The producer relies on the assistant director to ensure that the show is progressing according to the production schedule and to prepare call sheets (outline when actors will be required for which scenes).

Production Coordinator: The person responsible for overseeing practical matters for the producer such as ordering equipment and organizing accommodations for the cast and crew.

Production Assistant: Commonly known as “PAs,” a Production Assistant executes various jobs for the producer including running errands, acting as a courier and helping with other services on set.

Casting Producer: The producer relies on the casting producer to audition and select suitable actors for all of the roles in a show.

Production Designer: An artist responsible for designing the overall visual appearance of a show in accordance with the producer’s vision.

Director of Photography: A cinematographer who is ultimately responsible for the process of recording a scene in the manner desired by the producer. Duties include selection of film stock, cameras and lenses, designing and selecting lighting and working with the producer to compose scenes.

Sound Supervisor: The person responsible for all aspects of a show’s audio components. The Sound Supervisor works with the producer to create a soundtrack appropriate to the show.

Head of Post-Production: A person overseeing the editing and visual effects of a project after filming has wrapped.