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Thread: 'America's Got Talent' Tops Nielsen Ratings

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    'America's Got Talent' Tops Nielsen Ratings

    The Associated Press

    It has to be a little nostalgic for Regis Philbin: it's summertime, and he's host of the No. 1 TV show.

    NBC's "America's Got Talent" was the most popular program on broadcast television last week, drawing 11 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

    It has to make him think back seven years, when ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" caught the public's fancy as a summertime series that eventually grew to dominate the network.

    It's doubtful that the "American Idol"-influenced talent show on NBC will have the same impact. "America's Got Talent" took advantage of one of the least-watched weeks of the year in TV; only four programs were seen by more than 10 million viewers, Nielsen said.

    Then again, Philbin is faring a lot better than ABC's advice series "How to Get the Guy," to which only 3.1 million people tuned in. A CBS special, "Shark: Mind of a Demon," had a not-too-scary audience of 4.9 million.
    Read the full article here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...070501161.html
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    I'm surprised this show is doing so well.
    I watched it a couple of times but it just didn't do a lot for me.
    I like ole Reeg though, so good for him

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    I'm also surprised, I watched the first show but I haven't been motivated to watch since.
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    I'm surprised too. The "So you think you can dance" show is far more entertaining. I have watched this show, and I don't know why, it is really boring at times and the acts are terrible. After watching the show I'd have to say, No, American does not have talent.
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    I like this show a lot. It makes me laugh and I get a chance to see people perform things I'd never usually see. I can see someone dance or sing on tv but not much else.

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    I love the show. I'm not addicted to it like I am to Idol, but I really enjoy it. It is not pretentious and the judges are open-minded to consider all sorts of acts, i.e. advancing the young yodeler.

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    This is my new favorite reality talent show better than American Idol. America's Got Talent reminds me of The Gong Show. I'd rather watch more singing, dancing, and more magic and hilarious show than American Idol.

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    I hated The Gong Show, so maybe that's why I haven't had any interest in this one. I'm shocked it's doing so well.
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