What I love about this show is that it's showing more and more of the acts and less on the judges, especially now. That way, those who aren't selected have at least enough of a viewing where they can possibly be picked up for a job or performance elsewhere.

And I like how the judges do have some odd things happen and the humor that comes from it, such as when Mel B managed to shut off the buzzers because she was charging her phone. Did feel for the guy because he was going to be buzzed out, but the reason why for the delay was funny (and the kid took it in stride, so it was all good).

I personally loved watching the contortionists the other day. Yes it is definitely painful looking too, but these cases they were in beautiful positions and designs this time to where it looked lovely. I really liked the one where the sisters had one wrap herself around Nick Cannon as a form of belt. And, loved how he said that if the solo contortionist wanted him on stage next time to let him know.