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Thread: AGT 8 7/9 Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: AGT 8 7/9 Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by BTW View Post
    I was ready to turn it off (did switch channels) when I saw Jimmy beat out Cami and Forte. Didn't think he nor Collins should have gotten as far as they did. Don't know how Taylor got into 2nd either. The right one won though. Who could ever do what Kinichi does!
    Jimmy was supported by the country cult and Collins was supported by the hot white guy cult, who would band together on AI and give us four undeserving WGWG winners in a row.

    Thankfully some senseful people came along when they were most needed and gave Kenichi the well deserved million.

    If all these damn cults could just DISAPPEAR, these shows would be an infinity times better.

    I'll go one step further,

    If most of America was like us, all would be better.

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    Re: AGT 8 7/9 Discussion **Spoilers**

    Totally agree with the win. You may or may not like Taylor (I don't), but there's nothing unique about standup comedy. Kenici is absolutely unique, so he well deserved the win. For once, America got it right!

    Now there might be hope for The Voice.
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