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Thread: AGT 8 6/18 Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: AGT 8 6/18 Discussion **Spoilers**

    It'll probably be a sob story singer, like usual.

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    Re: AGT 8 6/18 Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyK View Post
    Well, for the first time ever, this episode had no rejects. So unfortunately, there is no Reject of the Week Award.

    Whoops. I forgot to comment on last week.

    I loved this episode. By far the best of the season so far.

    Omega Force Strength Team - Nice to see something different but I see them going out either in Vegas or the Quarterfinals. No offense, but no chance.
    They were good, but I've seen a similar, and better, act.

    The cheerleader girl, again, no chance.

    She's my reject. Oh my gosh, I hated this act. First of all, you let your tiny child parade around half-naked? No, no, no. Second, I do NOT find throwing a child around like a rag doll to be amusing. Stunting is a dangerous sport, and there's no excuse for letting a child that young do it. I have actually seen a cheerleader at my school fall while up in the air and break her arm. That's not cute and amusing, that's lousy parenting.

    I liked Kenichi, both his performance and personality. I hope he goes a while.

    Was he the Asian guy who did The Matrix act? I loved him! I RW'ed a couple of times to watch him over again. If he stays this creative, then I hope he goes far.

    I also liked Unicycle woman. However, I agree that there's probably not much that she can do after this.

    Sob story singer Deanna was good. Unlike Paul from last week (and Country Marty the week before), I'm not worried about her winning. And speaking of Paul, if he makes the live shows, he probably will make it all the way. Same with Country Marty.

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