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Thread: America's Got Talent 7 Semifinal #2 (Sept 4-5) Discussion *SPOILERS*

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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 Semifinal #2 (Sept 4-5) Discussion *SPOILERS*

    And Kevin Skinner. imo Grimm was a lot better than him.

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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 Semifinal #2 (Sept 4-5) Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock View Post
    Michael Grimm was the winner.

    To show how "successful" he was post show compared to the two runner's up:

    Prince Poppycock - currently has a show or is part of one (last time I checked). Not a big show but one nonetheless.

    Jackie Evancho: Went platinum with her CD in less than two weeks after release. (not quite sure but may have been faster). Also has been in several specials performing with special acts, including Susan Boyle.

    Grimm: Went GOLD (that's 500,000 versus 1 million for platinum) on his CD - and that was in at least TWO MONTHS if not more. It was much slower than Jackie's CD and he's since faded from the limelight.

    Then again - so far - all but the NON-singer winner (here Terry Fator) has faded away in about a year if not less.

    These acts - even my least fave Tom Cotter - will have a better chance at long term success.
    Tom Cotter has been around for a long time and tours. I wish he could do a longer set. He is very good. Howie picked the topic of college for him and that was not the best of what he can do.

    Prince Poppycock is not doing well. I went to his site to see if he had anything planned that was close to me and his only gig is in CA in February. I would think he would be booked for the summer in Provincetown or Fire Island but nope. I love the guy and would definately go to a show of his.

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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 Semifinal #2 (Sept 4-5) Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock View Post
    I'm not - because they really upped their game last night. They were the ONLY ones who actually successfully did a magic trick that was surprising (I sincerely do not know how they managed the quick change), their dancing overall was very strong, and they were mostly in sync. I don't think it was the little girl crying though it factors in a bit. They had the elements of new, surprising and entertaining last night.

    They were one of the few acts I enjoyed watching this week. When they first started, and the camera was doing a long shot, I thought for a split-second they were an adult dancing group since they were so good. I still don't like children doing sexy dances like that , but I don't mind having them in the final. They are incredibly talented, so I'm glad they beat out an act that wasn't.

    And no, I don't think people were necessarily swayed by the little girl crying, or at least that was just a part of it. This group has proved week after week that they have the chops to be in the final, so I think America was simply swayed by a great display of hard-working, talented kids. They also have the advantage of versatility. As we've seen, they can change dances, add elements like the magic trick, etc. which makes each performance new. Heck, they could even add another artist, like a singer, so as Sharon said about Castillo, they have to potential to collaborate and expand their act, too.

    Course they'll have to now up their game again, but one can't say they didn't earn it. I feel for lightwire, but I think they'll do well on their own. I can see them join up with last year's light group and both do a show combined. Some of the ballet skills of lightwire could benefit the other group and the pattern and light programs could be added to some of the lightwire acts.

    Lightwire are very talented, so I'm sure some theatrical producer will not let them slip past. Remember I said that other group, iLuminate, is now doing shows at Six Flags.

    I most definitely think American got it right on the four that were up for those spots though.

    Again, I agree.
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