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Thread: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

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    America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    The YouTube rounds usually suck. This year's not much different.

    lol at the parrot act. Rudy Coby was interesting at the end. Drew Erwin, I think, was the public winner to get on the show, and he sucked tonight.

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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Disappointed by Puck. The air guitarist sucks. I was already bored by the comedian early on. They all suck. How are we going to have four advancements out of this group? Send them all home.

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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I didn't think Cast in Bronze was as bad as the judges were making him out to be.

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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Just now getting home from church and catching up with the show.

    A parrot that flies. Now that's exciting.

    A boy band? Obviously voted in by the tweenie girl crowd. Yawn.

    Rudy Corby--I don't know what to say here. I thought it was lame until the very end when he changed places with the puppet. That was intriguing but well, the rest was lame. Howard nailed it. Didn't bother to listen to Howie's since it would be as lame as the act.

    Actually think the Unison dance group is pretty cool. It's refreshingly different that they're not dancing to some upbeat, chirpy song. It was cool and sexy, and I loved the retro song. (They played that in an episode of one of my favorite past shows, Pan Am, so it brings back good memories.)

    A young, cute boy singer with a sob story. I wonder why he was put on there? Good grief, if this kid were performing at a karaoke competition, the customers would be falling asleep in their beer.

    Where in the Sam Hill did they dredge up this comedian? That was the most painfully unfunny comedy routine I have ever heard in my life. And I seriously cannot believe she appeared on a British TV show. I lived in Britain and they never would have tolerated this dreck.

    Would somebody shoot me and put me out of my misery? Seriously, people? This (Eric Buss) is what you voted in. I am literally speechless. The only thing good about it was Howard's biting criticism afterwards. Side note: An act that would entertain a baby is not a Vegas act, Sharon. (Unless she doesn't care anymore since she's leaving. Come to think of it, she does seem rather zoned out.)

    Speaking of Vegas, there's Air Guitar Guy. So glad the audience booed. It's about time somebody did.

    Puck the Magician--boring. Loved Howard's remark "You're fortunate you're on a night that's low-level." Now there's a compliment!

    Country Girl--nothing special. For Howie to say that she's the standout says a whole lot.

    Cast in Bronze--the idea is actually kind of cool. Reminds me of Earth Harp Guy (although I love the latter much better). The mask and costume are totally cheesy, though.

    Skeleton Group--somewhere, Freddy Mercury is crying. And somewhere Michael Jackson wants to hire them for "Thriller 2." I will be fair, though, and say that I think they're the best of the night, since they're dancing was pretty good.

    All in all, it sucked. I'm not going to watch tomorrow night's show, since frankly I don't care enough about any of these acts to see if they get through. I only hope that next week they mercifully start getting eliminated.

    and the point of this would be?
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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    As far as I know, only Drew (the young male singer) was voted in by the public. The others were chosen by the judges.

    I don't know who's going through but I think Academy of Villains are a lock as one of the four.

    Even though it's hard, I'll list the acts I think will/want to advance.

    Academy of Villains
    Puck (but he should have done better)
    Bria Kelly
    Cast in Bronze (I don't care if he got three X's. I still liked him better than half of these losers)
    7 in Unison perhaps deserve a chance, too.

    Drew will probably advance or at least place in the Top 5. Semis should kill him though.

    And speaking of being killed at the Semis, there's only one act I can recall in AGT history that got three Xs in the Semifinals. A Youtube act (surprise!) in Season 5.
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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    The only acts worth advancing are the dance group at the end and Cast In Bronze - in SPITE of the judges' comments.

    I mean really - what in heaven and hell was this episode? It speaks VOLUMES that they chose the remaining 11 acts. Were the acts THAT BAD that this is what they could come up with?

    That does NOT however excuse the judges' comments tonight - I found all the comments quite rude and condescending in general. Sharon was probably the most civil of the lot.

    And yes, I wondered how the comedian was supposedly funny. It sounded like she was just talking about herself in a story, no jokes. Even Ricky Gervais - who I found unfunny in the UK's version of "The Office," and is quite condescending - can at least produce some great humor if anything by his silent humor (a much stuffier and conceited and sans slapstick Mr. Bean if you will).

    At my most off day, I'd advance over these guys (and I'm saying this when my worst performance was falling on the stage during a juggling routine and having to finish the routine hurt).

    Many people who have had bad talent show performances, but even they would've done better than most of these acts. It's almost as if they were trying to say to those of us complaining about the primping of certain act "See, Turf is much more palatable than what you could get America."

    Gone are the days of us getting another Jackie Evancho in the wildcard - when I saw her on a "Great Performances" show tonight (coincidentally here at the same time as "AGT") I actually said out loud "Oh Jackie, how glad I am that you did NOT win 'America's Got Talent' - You are doing SO MUCH BETTER without that title under your belt with the farce it's now become."

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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Come on Cast in Bronze! Make AGT history as the first act with three X's to advance to the next round anyway!

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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Like Howard, who decided to do this YouTube episode? I did like the Academy of Villians. They were unique and innovative.

    That country girl? Didn't we see this already? Skylar on AI was much better and then of course who could not forget that screechy Ray Lynn?

    I did like Puck, but he would have to step it up BIG time to go on any further. I thought the parrot act was good too, but again what more can he do to compete with the other great acts?

    Those are the 4 that I think will go through, although that creepy magic act guy may get through.

    The judges were just brutal tonight, but maybe it's because they are happy with the other acts they have already? Maybe they think the winner is already in the mix?
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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I'm starting to actually wonder how Drew won the public YouTube vote.

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    Re: America's Got Talent 7 YouTube Quarterfinal Discussion *SPOILERS*

    The only act I would like to see go through is the magician. I have not seen that done before and I was entertained. I want more.

    The rest of them were terrible. I have no clue why the judges thought the dance team was good. I guess they never watch So You Think You can Dance. Their choregraphy was terrible! The majority of time was spent with them in a clump moving their red arms. Then a few flips and tosses. There was no substance or story and precious little hip hop dancing.

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