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Thread: America's Got Talent Auditions 5/14 ***Spoilers***

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    Re: America's Got Talent Auditions 5/14 ***Spoilers***

    Okay, that Kim person with a bowtie (singing opera)...male or female? Looked very male but they kept saying she.
    Definitely a she.

    What didn't you like? The dancing, his personality or the contortions?
    The act and the contortion.

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    Re: America's Got Talent Auditions 5/14 ***Spoilers***

    AGTNews.com | News, Interviews, Contestant Information, Spoilers and Discussion about 'America's Got Talent' says Tim Hockenberry is already a success. I don't think I heard of him before though.

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    Re: America's Got Talent Auditions 5/14 ***Spoilers***

    Quote Originally Posted by Jexter View Post
    Nick Cannon is amazing. I just adore him. He's got such a great personality, and he's smart. Plus he has just the right way of handling contestants - both the good ones and the not-so-good ones. He is a big part of why the show works.
    What I like about Nick is that he makes people feel good even if they're eliminated from the contest - as I feel with the judges particularly this season. Nick just makes it fun - my favorite still is the whole bit with him trying the pole dance last year and just ending up looking funny.

    Along with Cat Deely and Tom Bergeron, he's in my group of favorite hosts.

    I have to say, I've been impressed by Howard. I wasn't sure about him as a good choice, but I've enjoyed him. He's shown a human side. Plus he's been fairly kind and respectful. I think the current judges + Nick are a really good fit. I was burning out on the show, but I'm watching this season.

    Nick better take care of his health, though!
    Howard has surprised me - he still has his moments, but I'm glad he is keeping it clean and tame and overall he's being honest - BUT, unlike I felt with Piers, he's firm in his criticism, but NOT ugly unless it's really warranted.

    I will say too that Howard is making a positive impact - so far, on my opinion of him when it takes me about a minute to remember Piers Morgan was in his place last year.

    As far as the acts, I've been overall impressed with the good acts. There were some that were quite funny and wouldn't be million dollar acts, but I have enjoyed seeing many impressive variety acts that are NOT singing and the few singing I've heard they've very very good and more difficult singing.

    My favorite act though last night was the dancing Chinese tigers on the poles - this is indeed very difficult and in spite of the fall (Which BTW I didn't even know happened 'til I saw the judges reaction) - they kept going as if nothing happened. They can expand the act rather far - as there is the dragon, lion, the lion tamer and a few other Chinese animals that they can use and create routines and stories with.

    Oh, and I do not fault Sharon for making the error in calling them dragons - a lot of times the head they use in these dances are interchangable for either tiger or dragon. The easier way to tell the difference is the number of legs used in the dance - if you have just four feet (two dancers) you have a tiger, three sets or more is a dragon.
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    Re: America's Got Talent Auditions 5/14 ***Spoilers***

    I really liked the impressionist. His Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn were dead on and funny, too!
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    Re: America's Got Talent Auditions 5/14 ***Spoilers***

    I may be the only one, but I am sick of the Osbourne women. I do not like Kelly on Fashion Police, and Sharon is just dull on here. Howard I have never heard his show before, or seen much of him, but he is a refreshing change. Howie is ok. Nick is hilarious, and I bet he will be a great dad to his kids. He has such a great way with people.

    As for the acts, it is hard to take this stage serious because when they get to Vegas half of them do not even get a chance to perform, and they waste too much time on the ones that are not any good.

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    Re: America's Got Talent Auditions 5/14 ***Spoilers***

    I liked Luiz, I felt there was a lot of potential there... he just felt like he was holding back or working too hard to control his voice. If he could be confident in his notes he could be really good.

    Dave the impressionist was smart, starting with his weakest impressions and then building. When he hit the Bruce one, I started to get really impressed, and it grew from there.

    I missed many of the others, but I also referred back to JohnnyK's post for names.

    (who reminds me of someone... from another board, in another place, but he was from another country, one of the fab four, a great host, ugh, the other country thing is throwing me off, it's not quite working... I'm rambling... )
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    Re: America's Got Talent Auditions 5/14 ***Spoilers***

    Quote Originally Posted by JunkieGirl View Post
    I thought Granny G was hilarious. She isn't a million dollar act, but with Betty White in demand right now this was a good time for Granny to audition. She's a youngster compared to Betty. I think she'll be around after Vegas but not much longer than that.
    Very good point you have brought up with the whole Betty White phenomena.
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