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Thread: 7/15 Show Discussion**SPOILERS** (AGT 2008)

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    Re: 7/15 Show Discussion**SPOILERS** (AGT 2008)

    Are Sunday evenings re-runs? They have been showing auditions too long, time to get on with the real contest.

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    Re: 7/15 Show Discussion**SPOILERS** (AGT 2008)

    Quote Originally Posted by dcamonkeys;3132928;
    I don't believe that the audience started booing him at first, because he wasn't bad, just quiet and tentative. And if they were, they need to clear the audience. The AGT crowd is the rudest, most worthless group on TV. If the producers think that they make for good TV, they need to reevaluate.
    The audience is out of control..I dont mind seeing the acts, I dont base much on them, but they are entertaining to me, but the audience almost makes it unbarable to watch, they are rude and unneccessary..they werent like this previous seasons were they? they seem to have gotten worse.
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